'2019 Grand Prix of Hungary'

a struggle filled with sharp bends hungary grand prix
a struggle filled with sharp bends hungary grand prix

The vast majority of pilots have embarked on their careers; Hungaroring with plenty of sharp bends near Budapest also reminds you of those days because it is the lowest average speed fixed track.

However, this does not mean convenience for the tires because these bends do not give the dough the chance to relax. Pirelli therefore recommends the C2 hard, C3 medium and C4 soft tires in the middle of the series for the Hungarian race. Hungaroring has a large number of bends, many slow and consecutive. This means that the tires run continuously and do not have the opportunity to cool off.

The current average temperatures in Hungaroring are among the highest values ​​of the season. This not only increases heat-related wear, but also makes it difficult for pilots, as low average speeds (also due to the geographical location of the Hungaroring track in a pit) mean that there is not much air flow inside the car.

The wear and tear rate of the tires is very low. The tires proposed this year can be said to be equal to last year when the 2018 medium, soft and ultra soft doughs were chosen in general. The C2 tire (hard in Hungary) is actually a bit softer than the 2018 core and is used even when it is recommended as the hardest option. In the nine of the 11 Grand Prix so far, all of the doughs proposed were used in the races.

Teams use high ground force to overcome a number of bends in a row, but the mechanical grip of the tires is equally important on the curved Hungaroring track.

Last year's winning strategy was the only pit stop, and Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton 25. In the lap (70 total in total), he switched from ultra soft to soft rubber and never used the hardest dough. Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel, who finished second, moved from soft to ultra-soft with an alternative single pit stop strategy, while teammate Kimi Raikkonen finished third with two pit stops. Thus, the first three pilots implemented three different strategies.

The lap record still belongs to Michael Schumacher and has not been broken since 2004. Let's see if we can see you break this weekend.


“Hungary is the last Grand Prix before the traditional summer break, and it's a tough challenge to punctuate the first part of the season both physically and strategically. Passing in front of the vehicle because of the shortness of the road requires quite skillful and there is a risk of slipping off the road. Therefore, the position on the track is of great importance and the strategy needs to match. On the other hand, as we have seen several times in the past, there are surprises on the Hungaroring track with the right strategy and the fastest but not the fastest car. Last year, when we suggested the same tires as this year, we saw many different racing strategies after the rain-affected ranking. We hope to see the same strategy diversity this weekend. ”

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