Martyr Muhammed Yalcin and Kizilay Street are Illuminated

martyr muhammed yalcin and kizilay street aydinlatiliyor
martyr muhammed yalcin and kizilay street aydinlatiliyor

Upon the request of the Karaman Municipality, the lighting works on Martyr Muhammed Yalçın Street and Kızılay Street are continuing by Medaş authorities.

Municipal officials, the citizens of the new TOKI'ler requests and demands of the martyrs Muhammed Yalcin Street and Kizilay Street lighting work continues, lighting poles were erected and the road lighting will be completed in a short time reported.

After the work of municipal science teams teams, road, pavement and refuge work will be started by eliminating the grievance here. Again in the Gazidukkan and Mansurdede neighborhoods, electricity problems that cause frequent failures will be taken underground and the problems of the residents in energy will be eliminated. Our municipality will repair the damaged roads as a result of the excavation in the study area.

Mayor Savaş Kalaycı said: den Since the day we took office, we have been working in coordination with investor organizations. We will be the supporter and follower of every work done to Karaman and improving the quality of life of our people. The lighting of Martyr Muhammed Yalçın Street and Kızılay Street is about to be completed in the studies carried out in line with the demands of our citizens living in TOKİs. When the work is completed, municipal teams will start road, sidewalk and refuge work. May our citizens living in this region get better.

I would like to thank the Medaş officials and staff for their efforts. As a municipality, we will continue to be behind every investment and work in Karaman. ”

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