Work in Karamanda Larende Underpass

Work continues at Larende Underpass in Karaman: Within the scope of the Karaman-Ulukışla high-speed train line works, in cooperation with the Karaman Municipality and TCDD, the underpass, which is planned to pass between Kemal Kaynaş Stadium and Buğday Pazarı, under 100. Yıl Street and the train line, continues at full speed.

Within the scope of the Karaman Ulukışla high-speed train works, the work continues uninterruptedly in the underpass where access to the neighborhoods on the other side of the railway such as Larende-Sümer-Yenişehir is provided. Underpass starting in front of Kemal Kaynaş Stadium is 100. The year street and the railway will be connected under the junction in front of the Wheat Market.

Mayor Ertuğrul Çalışkan, who made inspections in the underpass working area together with the officials of TCDD Regional Directorate and contractor firm, received information from the authorities about the studies.

Stating, “We provide all the support necessary for the rapid progress of the underpass project and to put it into service as soon as possible,” said President Çalışkan: “Thank God we are solving a 40-year problem in Karaman. Our citizens who live in the neighborhoods on the other side of the railway, disconnected from the city center in terms of transportation, will get rid of this problem with the Larende Underpass Project. The subway sinking in front of the swimming pool will be 100th anniversary and will be connected to the junction in front of the Wheat Market by passing under the railway.

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