Qualification Certificate for İzmir's Female Metro and Tram Drivers

izmirin women's metro and tram drivers qualification certificate
izmirin women's metro and tram drivers qualification certificate

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The women's subway and tram drivers of İzmir were marked by the Mahir Eller Project, which is carried out within the European Union. İzmir Metro A.Ş., the institution that participates in the exams that certify the professional competence of the staff in various business lines with the most crowded female driver group. It was. 14 female metro and tram drivers of Izmir have successfully passed the exam and proved their professional competence.

69 personnel of three professions of İzmir Metro A.Ş., who were included in the program, were also entitled to receive a qualification certificate.

As a European Union project, Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges conducted in cooperation with "Mahir Hands Project" İzmir Metro Inc., 3 were also included on-site professional group. Within the scope of the project, Metro Urban Rail Systems Catenary Maintenance Personnel ”and“ Urban Rail Systems Traffic Controller İzmir İzmir Metro A.Ş. The project also achieved the title of being the institution that hosts the most female driver personnel.

Woman has a place
Qualification certificate in 16 categories of İzmir Metro Inc., “Urban Rail Systems Catenary Maintenance Staff”, 33 personnel “Urban Rail Systems Traffic Controller” and 20 personnel “Urban Rail Systems Train Driver” included in the project. was entitled to receive. The first institution documented within the scope of the project in the "Catenary Maintenance Staff" and "Traffic Controller" occupational groups İzmir Metro A.Ş. It was. Another thing that attracted attention was the fact that 20 of the 14 train drivers working in the Izmir Metro and the Izmir Tram, who participated in the "Urban Rail Systems Train Driving" program, were women.

They won both in theory and practice
The female metro and tram drivers of İzmir formed the profession group in which women are represented most intensely in the project. Participants in the program were first subjected to a theoretical exam to qualify for the qualification certificate, and those who were successful were taken to the exam on the field. The assessment was made according to national occupational standards and qualifications. Thus, İzmir Metro A.Ş. all of its staff proved that its competence is in “National Occupational Standards”.

Personnel qualification is registered
Financing projects carried out by the European Union, Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union 12 provinces in cooperation with the professional competence of the personnel registered breeding aims. İzmir leg of the project is run by the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry (EBSO).

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