First Rails of Otogar-Sekapark Tram Line Mounted

First Rails of the Bus Station-Sekapark Tram Line were Mounted: First rails of the tram line constructed between Kocaeli and Kadıköy were constructed.
It was a historic day for the light rail system in Izmit, which is to be used today to relieve urban transportation. The first rails were laid at Yahya Kaptan Hanlı Street, where the infrastructure for the tram line between Sekapark and Otogar was completed and completed in February. There was no ceremony for the assembly of the rails. Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, General Secretary Tahir Büyükakın and municipal authorities have participated in the installation of the first rail assembly.
In the first stage, the rail installation will be carried out on Hanlı Street at 100 meter length. There will be 3'er meter pavement on the right and left of Hanlı Street where the rails will be laid. After the work on Hanlı Street is completed, work will be continued on Yahya Kaptan Salkım Söğüt, Sarı Mimoza and Necip Fazıl Streets. From the 10 March, the infrastructure work for the tram will be started in the M.Alipaşa neighborhood. At the end of May, this neighborhood will begin laying rail. Two-thirds of the 1200 tone came from Izmit. At the present time, Ray Ray, which is the subcontractor of the Gülermak company that makes the tram line, joins the 30 staff for the laying of the rail.
The first time in Kocaeli for the rail system that they started the work and said that the excitement of the Metropolitan Mayor Karaosmanoğlu, t Infrastructure work is taking a long time. The company began to work regularly, work has entered the rail. We made an important start to the round-trip 14 km-long tram line. After the rail system, we will start the subway work. We aim to lay the foundation for 2023-2018 before 19 targets. X Karaosmanoğlu, 550 said that the tram line to be completed with daily work will be completed and opened to service in February-March next year.

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