CHP People's Meeting Criticized Büyükakın's Promise of "Metro Coming to Kartepe"

koi, the best of the promises of the metro station
koi, the best of the promises of the metro station

CHP Metropolitan Municipality Councilor Orhan Tanış, AKP's Metropolitan Mayor candidate Tahir Büyükakın'ın "Kartepe'ye will come to the metro," promised the promise, "who can not run the suburban train, 10 billion pounds will put under the soil,"

Speaking about the metro promise made by the AKP Kocaeli Metropolitan Mayor candidate Tahir Büyükakın to the people of Kartepe, CHP Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Councilor Orhan Tanış said that the AKP's Metropolitan Municipality Mayorship kazanHe said that he would bury 10 billion liras in the ground in case of failure!

Tanis said: “Those who cannot manage to operate the suburban train on the ready-laid railway line on the earth will bury 22 billion TL (with 10 quadrillion old coins) into the ground by making a metro 10 meters deep under the same railway. There is no subway line parallel to the railroad and just below it anywhere in the world. It is not done. Not done… First you will manage to operate that suburban line at full capacity, then you will plan the metro. But definitely not under the railroad ... further north ... ”(Source: the kocaelibarisgazete)


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