Collective Bargaining Agreement Signed at İZBAN

collective bargaining agreement signed
collective bargaining agreement signed

Organized İZBAN workers in Demiryol-İş, whose strikes were taken away with the Presidency decree on January 9, signed the collective agreement imposed by the employer. In the statement made by the İZBAN management, it was said that 'Signatures were made at the 26% hike rate that İZBAN has submitted.'

It is reported that the Demiryol-İş Union has accepted the 26 percent hike offer for the employees of İzmir Suburban System AŞ (İZBAN) and the collective bargaining agreement (TİS) has been signed.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), operated in partnership with izban, failed to get results from the talks earlier in the day. The employer's 26 hike offer today, the union agreed today, the collective bargaining agreement was reported.

The strike started by the workers on 10 December was delayed for 9 months by the Presidential decree on January 2 and was actually banned. After the strike was banned, the İZBAN administration had previously reduced the 30% hike offer to 26%.


Ahmet Güler, Representative of IZBAN at the Turkish Railways Association, said in his statement: toplu Our biggest weapon in our collective agreement is to use our power from production. However, this strike was stopped by antidemocratic means. In fact, our strike was canceled through postponement. During the strike, the wages were not reflected to the public. When the right to strike was taken from us, all advantage was automatically transferred to the employer side. As you know, the collective bargaining agreement results in the High Arbitrator if the strike is not finalized within the 60 days. We know that the High Arbitrator concludes the collective bargaining with maximum percentage of 4-5. We have chosen the way of agreement to get out of this struggle in the most advantageous way. We were forced to do so. Mec

In the written statement made by the İZBAN administration, “The collective bargaining agreement negotiations between the İZBAN administration and the union have been concluded for a while. The signatures were made at the 26 percent hike rate that İZBAN gave last ”.Habersol)

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