TCDD Management Released from Rail!

TCDD Management Released from Rail!
The railway workers, who work under all kinds of adverse conditions in the heavy business, are not on duty nowadays in difficult conditions, but on the brink of discrimination and nepotism practices by some of the managers in the management levels.
TCDD General Manager, who has turned his back on the events, has been persecuted to the employees, similar to the practices of the Armenian gangs who were persecuted under the auspices of the Russians.
Although the distinction between trade unions is a crime according to the 118 clause of TCK (Turkish Penal Code), some senior TCDD managers who consider TCDD as their own property despite the constitution and international conventions, have recently privatized TCDD and aim to take part in a company. . After us, TCDD lost its blood with each passing day and due to the security weakness at the same time, the company lost its prestige.
The safety of the institution has been put at risk by reducing the number of Protection and Security and the Security and Security Officers in some workplaces and delivering the security of the public to the Specially Protected and Safety Workers who have no security in particularly critical regions. Many negativities like tragedy on trains, burning of suburban wagon in Ankara, killing of security officer, derailment of train are forgotten.
Protest in front of TCDD
12 January 2013 Time 11: Hundreds of Türk Ulas-Sen'li gathered in front of TCDD General Directorate in 00 and protested TCDD's management weakness. Turkish Transport-Sen, which filed a criminal complaint against the people concerned, initiated the process against the union discrimination and those who put pressure on employees.
Click here for the text of the press release made by President Nazmi GÜZEL.


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