Over 20 Thousand Citizens Met at Uludağ Winter Festival

Vatan on the 20 uludag met in the year
Vatan on the 20 uludag met in the year

Uludağ Winter Festival, organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for the third time this year, brought together over a thousand citizens of 20. 7's 70 has enjoyed the weekend of a weekend with cardboard sled design competition, plastic sled activities and igloo making.

Bursa's future vision of tourism as a tourism and all the natural beauty of the city that emphasizes the importance of organizations organized by the Metropolitan Municipality organized by the Uludag Winter Festival, was the scene of colorful images. This year, the third edition of the festival, with the contributions of Besaş and Burulaş, 2. It was built in the area next to the cable car station in the Development Zone. Citizens participating in the plastic sled activity regardless of freezing cold slides on the runway enjoyed many times. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş also became a partner in the excitement of the festival in Uludağ.

Aktaş enjoying the sled

President Aktaş, who came to Teferrüç Station in the morning, waited in line with the citizens to get up to Uludağ. President Aktaş, who faced the intense interest of the citizens in the festival area, got on the plastic sled and enjoyed skating. President Aktaş, who also watched the cardboard sled competition, the most colorful activity of the festival, both encouraged the competitors and gave the start of the races with the sledges they made from cardboard. 23 people participating in the race with the cardboard sleds they designed. kazanhis memory was Kaan Balta. The winner of the competition was awarded with full gold by President Aktaş, while Ceyda Çavdar who came second was half gold and Aylin Yaşar was the third with quarter gold. kazanwas. 18 igloos were built in the festival, in which 11 clubs affiliated to the Mountaineering Federation participated. Mayor Aktaş, who carefully examined the snow houses, went into an igloo and met with the mountaineers. sohbet He.

Turkey's symbol

Mayor Alinur Aktas, Uludag, Bursa, not only was reminded that one of Turkey's most important symbols. Stating that Uludağ's flora, fauna and glacial lakes are the values ​​that stand out with their unique characteristics, President Aktaş said, “Although Uludağ stands out in winter tourism, our top priority is to make Uludağ the 4 season attraction center. We, as the Metropolitan Municipality, will do our best to make all the beauties of Bursa felt by everyone living in this city. There are also important developments in this regard. As Metropolitan Municipality, we are working on the development of Bursa in the field of tourism in coordination with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Recently, we had the opportunity to talk to our Minister of Culture and Tourism Mr. Mehmet Nuri Ersoy in Bursa. We started the Uludağ Field Presidency management planning studies with the instructions of our Minister Say.

Peak project to the summit

Uludag Hotels 1. Development Zone Sports Facility Living Area and Storey Car Park Project reminding the President Aktas, 12 acres of land will be deployed in an area of ​​the plant will have the parking lot 750 vehicle so that the most important problem will be parked to produce solutions, he said. Stating that the facility will include ice skating rink, climbing wall, traditional archery area, basketball and volleyball fields, President Aktas said, ı I believe that once this facility is completed, Uludag will be a place where our basketball and volleyball clubs will want to do their camps. Tes

Our goal is to make you feel the beauty

Stressing that they aim to make the citizens feel the values ​​they have in Bursa by the activities done on the spot, Mayor Aktaş said ler The winter festival is one of our activities. The aim is to create an awareness of the values ​​of our city as well as spending a good time with family. Traditional sled activities, award-winning cardboard sledding competition, Eskimo house construction organizations attracted great attention. I would like to thank all our citizens who participated in our festival. I also congratulate all the children who participated in the Canton sledding contest. Really nice designs. In addition, this year, the members of the Association of Deaf and Mute 200'de disabled citizens were happy to host the celebration of the festivities, ve he said.

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