Stopping the İZBAN Expeditions

izban flights stopped the strike of the workers met with joy
izban flights stopped the strike of the workers met with joy

The strike, which started after the workers could not agree with the İZBAN administration in the collective bargaining negotiations that started in July in İZBAN, has entered its 16th day. In the lawsuit filed by the Izmir Branch of the Railway Workers Union with the claim that the strike was broken in Izmir Banliyö Taşımacılığı AŞ (İZBAN) and demanded the suspension of the additional train services, the judge decided to stop the additional trips. Yesterday at 14.00:XNUMX, after the expert panel submitted its report to the court, the court decided to stop the additional flights due to the problems to be experienced in the provision of scab and passenger safety.

The employer's lawyer objected that the trains were not working in the signaling zone and that the expert was not aware of the 6356 unions and the collective labor agreement law.

The judge decided to stop the trains cautiously due to the necessary provisions of the law and the safety of passenger health against all objections. After the court announced its decision to suspend additional flights, İZBAN personnel on strike welcomed the decision. The workers, who had been waiting for the news to come from the court for hours at the Alsancak Station, shouted slogans after the news came from the court. Stating that they will continue to defend their rights to the end, the staff said, “We will not stop seeking our rights even though we cannot get a salary. It is not possible for trains to move without maintenance. "This strike will continue until we get our right," he said. (Source: Yeniasır)

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