The technology used in railways is the same as 1963
06 Ankara

Technology Used in Railways Same as 1963

3'i machinist 9 people lost their lives in Ankara after the train accident, high-speed train projects turned eyes. According to the report of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, the technology used in railways is the same technology used in 1963 years. Plus [more…]

28 injured on the trolley trolley in lisbonda
351 Portugal

Tram in Lisbon, 28 Injured

As a result of the overthrow of a tram in Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, 28 people were injured. The accident occurred on Friday evening (Yesterday) around 18: 00 in the Lapa region of the city. Officials said the tram was overturned on a steep slope. Tram [more…]

izban strike entered the 6
35 Izmir

İZBAN Strike Goes to 6 Day

While there has not been any contact between İZBAN administration and Demir-Yol İş Union so far, İzmir residents said, İzmir This problem should be solved as soon as possible. We are suffering every day. ”İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD [more…]

there is also a signaling shortage in marmara
34 Istanbul

Is the Signalization Minus in Marmaray?

It was claimed that the technical problem that led to the high-speed train accident in Ankara where 9 people were killed and 86 people were injured could also be on the Marmaray line in Istanbul. Socialist Architects and Engineers Assembly (COE-DAT) [more…]

06 Ankara

Train Disaster Could Not Be in Ankara

Bakanlık The control locomotive was not supposed to be on that track, Bakanlık the ministry said. No, that locomotive was just the right track to check on its name. It was the High Speed ​​Train that shouldn't have been there. Train o [more…]

fatsa kosu and bicycle path project is going fast
52 Army

Fatsa Running and Cycling Road Project

The projects prepared by the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality for different sports fields for the citizens are being implemented one by one. Work is underway in the Cycling and Running Road Project, which is under construction in Fatsa district. the project [more…]

cable car
27 Gaziantep

Cable Car Instead of Bride

Şahinbey Mayor Mehmet Tahmazoğlu, Sahinbey Park working as a ropeway officer Bilal Nadir Koc and his future wife Melike Koc's wedding ceremonies. Bilal Nadir Koç, who worked on the cable car in Şahinbey Park, [more…]