rail system lines and lengths of Istanbul
34 Istanbul

Istanbul's Rail System Lines and Lengths

The fastest and most practical solution of public transportation is metro today. It provides fast, punctual and comfortable transportation between two points without getting stuck in traffic. The metro is a must in modern cities. Many [more…]

Who is in charge of trains
35 Izmir

İZBAN Trains Who Cares?

As the strike in İZBAN, the lifeblood of transportation in İzmir, entered its 13th day, the workers informed the public in a panel about the strike. Mentioning the importance of the maintenance of İZBAN trains in the panel, the worker representative Berkant Arda stated that all of the maintenance personnel [more…]

izban workers met with izmir people
35 Izmir

İZBAN workers met with Izmir people

İZBAN workers, who left behind the 11th day of the strike in İzmir, met with the people of İzmir at the NHKM Konak Public Theater last night in order to inform the public and increase solidarity. Workers who tell about the perception operation and lies of the İZBAN employer, [more…]

moskovada 1 quarry from 2019 to train ticket prices
7 Russia

1 January 2019 in Moscow

1 in Moscow From January 2019 commuter trains and electric trains will be increased. In the latest 2017, the Moscow Region train prices will change to new prices as of the new year. New Year's [more…]

10 million euro signaling to scholarship
16 Bursa

10 Million Euro Signalization to Bursaray

The most important problem of Bursa is transportation. The results of the surveys or the citizens or local city administrators to whom the journalists handed the microphone always point to the same problem. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş [more…]

In 2020, two more cars come in the ferry
35 Izmir

Two More Car Ferry Coming to Izmir in 2020

Two companies submitted bids for the tender for two new ferries that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality plans to add to its fleet. After the evaluation process kazanThe moment the company will be determined and within 420 days from the contract date [more…]