Who is in charge of trains
35 Izmir

İZBAN Trains Who Cares?

In Izmir, the strike at İZBAN, the lifeblood of the transport, entered the 13 day, while workers informed the public about the strike. In the panel, worker representative Berkant Arda, who touched on the importance of maintenance of İZBAN trains, said that all of the maintenance personnel said that they had gone on strike, B [more…]

izban workers met with izmir people
35 Izmir

İZBAN workers met with Izmir people

İZBAN workers left the 11 day of the strike in İzmir and met with the people of İzmir on the NHKM Konak Public Stage last night in order to inform the public and enlarge the solidarity. İZBAN employer's perception of operations and lies about the workers, 'grenade breaker' made with the machine operators [more…]

In 2020, two more cars come in the ferry
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Two more wheels in 2020 to Izmir

Two companies submitted bids for the two new ferries that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality planned to add to its fleet. After the evaluation process, the winning company will be announced and the first of the ships will be received within 420 days after the contract date. Last [more…]