pristine uskup motorway
355 Kosovo

Pristina-Skopje Highway To Be Completed

Kosovo Infrastructure Minister Pal Lekaj followed the work on the Pristina-Elez Khan highway, which will connect Pristina and Skopje with each other. Minister Lekaj says the last 7 kilometer viaduct in the most demanding part of the highway [more…]

transport to Istanbul airport will be gradual
34 Istanbul

Moving to Istanbul Airport will be progressive

Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Istanbul Airport will be accelerated by the 1 transport process will be accelerated as of January, without compromising passenger comfort from Ataturk Airport to Istanbul Airport flights and ground services gradually [more…]

uraysim project gained speed
26 Eskisehir

URAYSİM Project Wins Speed

National Rail carries great importance for Turkey and Eskişehir Research and Testing Center Project (URAYS I) within the scope of the work has accelerated. Recently Deputy Minister of Technology and Industry Hasan Büyükdede, [more…]

yozgata light rail system not suitable
66 Yozgat

Light Rail System Not Suitable for Yozgat

Yozgat city light rail project in recent years, the agenda of the project is not efficient and can be realized said. Yozgat is a subject of debate from time to time in public opinion, the fate of which is curious about the light rail system [more…]

wagon factory now
44 Malatya

Malatya Wagon Factory Now the Turkish Red Crescent

The prefabricated buildings to be produced by the Turkish Red Crescent will now be built in the old Wagon Factory. 20 December According to the decision published in the Official Gazette No. 482, the Wagon Factory was given to the Red Crescent with the tender price of 650 thousand TL. According to this [more…]