traffic marking studies in Malatya continue
44 Malatya

Traffic Marking Works In Malatya

Metropolitan Municipality completed the marking and signage works on the roads where the works were completed in Malatya. Malatya Metropolitan Municipality in order to provide more comfortable traffic throughout the city of the signage and marking works [more…]

great season in the palandok
25 Erzurum

Amazing Season Opening in Palandoken

The ski season was opened at the Palandöken Ski Center. After the transfer of the Metropolitan Municipality of Erzurum with the investments realized in the lower and superstructure of the ski center was the scene of the opening of the season colorful images. Dedeman [more…]

unobstructed railroad
06 Ankara

Barrier-Free Rail

With the instructions of our President and the support of our governments, the railway mobilization that started in 2003 continues in full swing. From high speed trains to modernization of existing lines, from modern and intercity modern passenger train operations, [more…]

tender bult

RayHaber 03.12.2018 Tender Bulletin

Gaziray Electrification and Signaling Facilities Will Be Built Kayaş-Doğançay Railway Electrification Systems 1 Annual Maintenance and Repair Work Special Security Service Will Be Obtained (TÜLOMSAŞ) Train Wheel Lubrication Bar for Ankara Metro Trains [more…]

unhindered transportation and communication
06 Ankara

Unhindered Transportation and Communication

There are approximately 10 million disabled citizens in our country. Under the leadership of our Ministry, adımlar Barrier-Free Transport and Communication ”activities have taken important steps towards structuring all transportation systems according to the needs of disabled citizens. TCDD Transportation General [more…]