erciyes ski center bus service starts
38 Kayseri

Erciyes Ski Center Bus Schedules Begins

With the opening of the ski season, Erciyes Winter Sports and Tourism Center has become a popular destination for ski lovers. In this context, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, to spend the weekend at Erciyes Winter Sports and Tourism Center. [more…]

The staff of the 3 tcdd were taken to the court
06 Ankara

3 TCDD Personnel Detained in YHT Crash Shipped to Court

Three TCDD personnel, who were detained within the scope of the investigation carried out regarding the train disaster in Ankara, were transferred to the courthouse after their proceedings at the Police Department. High speed train and guide locomotive at Marşandiz station in Yenimahalle district [more…]

tcdd reports received refusal
06 Ankara

TCDD Reports Minister Denies

Signaling appeared in TCDD's 4-year strategic plan. Strengthening the signaling system between 2015-2019 has been determined as the 'strategic goal'. According to the news in Cumhuriyet, “The 2015th General Directorate of TCDD, covering the years 2019-4, [more…]

izban strike left behind the 7
35 Izmir

IZBAN Strike 7. He left his day behind

One of the public transportation vehicles of İzmir strikes continues in İzmir Suburb. Full 7 days have passed, but no new offer has been received from the İZBAN employer. The workers are determined to fight until they get their rights. IZBAN workers strike 7. day [more…]

The drone won the drone 1 the drone
41 Kocaeli

Paper Airplanes Racing 1. The Drone Won

A paper airplane competition was held at SEKA Paper Museum of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Culture and Social Affairs. During the International Civil Aviation Day event, participants were cut off for valuable awards. [more…]