Is baskentray working
06 Ankara

Is Başkentray Working?

After the train accident that occurred at the station in Ankara, there were disruptions in the train service. TCDD Transport has changed the departure stations of trains to prevent the victimization of passengers. Is it done on the capitalray flights? TCDD Transportation [more…]

discount up to 50 on the ferry line
41 Kocaeli

Eskihisar-Tavsanli Line Ferries to 50

Negmar, Eskihisar-Tavsanli ferry line 'Total Combating Inflation' within the scope of the “Biggest Discount of the Year” is signing the campaign. Negmar, 14 Percentage of all vehicles and pedestrian crossings during the campaign, which will start as of December 18.00 [more…]

16 per year in 1623 railway accidents lost life
06 Ankara

16 1623 has lost its life

With the tragedy that killed 9 in Ankara yesterday, the number of citizens who lost their lives in the 'railroad accidents' under the AKP rule rose to 1623. In 2018, 24 in Çorlu and 9 in Ankara lost two lives. [more…]

chpli gurer warned tcdd officials
06 Ankara

CHP's Gürer warned TCDD Officials

CHP Niğde deputy Omer Fethi Gurer, 9 person killed in Ankara 86 citizen was injured in the train accident was thought-provoking, he said. That the structure of TCDD was changed and the way for liberalization was opened, that the institution was distanced from merit, and [more…]