invitation to the disaster
35 Izmir

Invitation to Dispatch at İZBAN

The İZBAN strike in Izmir has left two weeks behind. The İZBAN administration continues to 'strike breaker' which is defined as a crime in the law. Moreover, it is a gigantic worker employed by more than 300 workers. [more…]

samsunda tramway level crossing accident
55 Samsun

Tramway Accident in Samsun

In the morning of a train crossing, an accident occurred in the line of Mimar Sinan tram stop in Atakum district of Samsun. Vehicle driver during the tram crossing the level crossing [more…]

tender bult

RayHaber 24.12.2018 Tender Bulletin

Private Security Service will be taken at the Barriered Level Crossing Retirement Service Car Rental Service Will Be Picked Completion of Missions at Palandöken Logistics Center

kocaoglu gave messages from ankaradan
35 Izmir

Kocaoğlu Gave Messages From Ankara

Speaking at the METU Alumni Association's interview in Ankara, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu gave important messages from zoning to İZBAN, from the structural crisis in the economy to his dreams after the presidency. Kocaoğlu said, “At the age of 18, [more…]