Increased number of expeditions in airplane 2
34 Istanbul

Increased number of flights in HAVAIST

Istanbul Airport's İST HAVAIST AŞ, a subsidiary of IMM, which provides luxurious public transportation services, has increased the flight times due to THY adding new flights. Istanbul Airport HAVAIST flights, Adana and Adana [more…]

governor akbiik found reviews in mergabut ski resort
30 Hakkari

Governor Akbıyık Found in Mergabüt Ski Center

Idris Akbiyik, Governor of Hakkari, 2.500 altitude at the Mergabüt Ski Center made investigations. Governor Akbıyık, Mountain and Commando Brigade Commander Brigadier General Muammer Alper, Chief Public Prosecutor Mustafa BALIK, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Brigadier General [more…]