Sivas-Malatya High-Speed ​​Train Project 4 Download Hourly Way 40

sivas malatya speed train project 4 will reduce the hour to 40 hour
sivas malatya speed train project 4 will reduce the hour to 40 hour

AK Party Deputy Malatya MP and MKYK Member Öznur Çalık stated that the CED process of the Sivas-Malatya High Speed ​​Train Project was initiated and the High Speed ​​Train Project was projected as two lines as independent from the existing train line, and now the railway journey between Malatya and Sivas, which is the 4 hour. 40 noted that it will be reduced to minutes.

Deputy Çalık, in his written statement about the Sivas-Malatya High Speed ​​Train Project; I Line route; It starts in the Çetinkaya Village of the Kangal district of Sivas, and ends in Malatya by passing through Hekimhan, Yazıhan and Battalgazi districts on Malatya borders respectively. The length of the route is 132 kilometers, while the 38 km is located at the borders of Sivas province, while the 94 km is at the borders of Malatya. The project was planned to be used in both freight and passenger transportation, in line with two-line and high-speed train standards. Söz

Çalık stated that the existing railroad will remain the same, because it is determined that the 200 speed is not possible to be provided even at the current hour, and that the high speed train project to be implemented will be constructed independently of the current line.

Çalık Çalık said: UM Within the scope of the project, 34 pieces tunnel, 17 pieces viaduct, 19 pieces bridge, 44 pieces underpass and 15 units from these underpasses were planned as agricultural underpasses. 22 pieces overpass, 14 pieces are planned to be done. These numbers may change during the implementation phase. There are 4 units in the project. Hekimhan, Yazihan and Cetinkaya Station will be rebuilt. In Malatya Station, no work will be done and it will be used in its present state. The transportation between Sivas and Malatya takes about 4 hours. With the implementation of the Sivas-Malatya High Speed ​​Train Project, this period will be approximately 40 minutes. The passenger trains that will serve on the route are designed to be 9 wagon and 540. After the completion of the projects such as implementation projects, legal procedures and construction tender of the project, construction process will begin. Our goal is to meet Malatya with the high-speed train at 2023. De

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