Samsun Sarp Railway Project

samsun steep railway project cag dodge
samsun steep railway project cag dodge

Rize Chamber of Commerce and Industry High Advisory Board 2018 / 2. The meeting was held on 4 December 2018 Tuesday at 19: 00. Chairman of the Board TOBB Board Member Chairman of the Board of Directors Şaban Aziz Karamehmetoğlu chaired the meeting, board members Abdulbaki Temizel, A. Vahap Köseoğlu, Ali Atılgan, Ali Şafak Şahinler, Fatih Kızıltan, Güven Aksoy, Hasan Kotil, M. Emin Toprak, M. Kemal Yazıcı, Murat Özdemir, Kaya Yıldırım, Rahmi Metin, Recep Taylan, Ümit Dursun, Vedat Yavuz and Yılmaz Katmer.

Chairman of the Board TOBB Board Member Chairman of the Board of Directors Aziz Karamehmetoğlu in his opening speech;

He emphasized that the opinions and suggestions that will appear in the Board will be a guide for our province and our region. He stated that the ideas and opinions that will come out will contribute to the vision of the future with the works of Rize Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Emphasizing that the international industry and trade evolved in a different direction, Karamehmetoğlu stated that the trade directed to Asia-Pacific was supported by artificial intelligence and robotic technologies.

Wishing success to our board member Rahmi Metin, who is a candidate for mayor, Karamehmetoğlu stated that they are ready for all kinds of material and spiritual support for the works to be done for Rize.

Karamehmetoğlu, who also evaluates the duties of the High Advisory Board, conducting studies on the duties assigned to the Chambers by the law, creating opinions and suggestions, presenting them to the board, evaluating the issues referred to by the board of directors in order to contribute to the national economy, He said that evaluating the issues and creating opinions on these issues. Karamehmetoğlu stated that he had many duties such as monitoring commercial, industrial and economic developments in the region, informing the chamber organs, creating opinions that will contribute to economic, industrial and commercial development, monitoring and evaluating the existing works, and he wished the Rize Chamber of Commerce and Industry High Advisory Board Meeting to be beneficial and thanked the board members for their participation.

The members of the high advisory board reported their comments and suggestions by taking the floor. In the meeting, which emphasized the need for Rize to focus on tourism, the contribution of the investments realized in our province to tourism was discussed. In the meeting, which is considered to be strictly followed in order to complete these projects as soon as possible, especially the completion of the Rize - Mardin Love Road project, where the Ovit Tunnel project is located, with the feet of the Eastern Black Sea Industrial Center (Logistics Center) Project for the efficient operation of the Organized Industrial Zone. In the meeting that emphasized the need to pass the airport Project, the project will continue to support the summer tourism and will spread the tourism to 12. The ski resorts and the Ayder Urban transformation project to be realized within the scope of the 11 + 1 Ayder Project to be made for winter tourism were evaluated. In order to qualify for tourism in the meeting, it is necessary to create projects in which tea and tourism are combined, to create time for tourists who come to our province to spend time in city centers, to congress tourism etc. next to cultural tourism. It was emphasized that the addition of different alternatives should enrich the tour contents such as Batumi. Tourism, especially in the service sector should be done to increase the quality of activities were expressed.

Another issue highlighted by the board members at the meeting was the Samsun Sarp Railway Project. This project, which covers all Eastern Black Sea provinces, especially from Samsun to Sarp, has been considered as an emphasis on this project. In the meeting, which is stated to contribute greatly to the exports realized in our region, it was stated that the railway project, which can be realized with intensive lobbying as in the Ovit Tunnel and airport projects, could increase the region in tourism and trade to the next level.

Rize Chamber of Commerce and Industry High Advisory Board Meeting Conclusions;
The decision taken in the meeting to determine the common expectations of the Rize public opinion on the new projects planned to be carried out in Rize, the joint projects within the common share of the unity and solidarity, accelerating the ongoing projects in our city, interdepartmental dialogue and team spirit should be acted together. It was decided by the chairman of the Board that the agenda of the next meeting will be prepared by submitting the projects, suggestions and ideas to be prepared by the Board members to the secretariat of the Board by the end of February.



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