First Day Report of Izmir in the Struggle with Snow

first gun report of izmir
first gun report of izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which intervened in the areas affected by snowfall yesterday evening, completed its work in the 50 neighborhood with snow shovels and salt spreading tools in three regions. Metropolitan teams are vigilant for possible possible snowfall.

With the sudden drop in air temperatures, high snowfall in Izmir began to be effective. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams, to keep the village roads open to enter the busy pace of work. Along with the start of the snowfall, the Metropolitan teams opened the roads, which were closed at some points of the city, with salt spreading and snow plowing. The Metropolitan Municipality is also working on salting in areas where there is a possibility of ice. The roads closed with the interventions are opened to traffic again, while the teams in the regions where they are needed continue without interruption.

Roads opened, salting was done
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality works with snow plows and salt pavements in three regions: Central, North and South. Graders, trucks and construction machines are being held in vigilance in case of snowfall. Metropolitan teams, Bergama's Ascendant, Misleading, Trims, Fasts, Creeps, Kaplan, Inşir, Rahmanlar, Bayramcılar, Seklik, İsmailli, Atçılar, Balaban, Tavukçukuru, Hacılar, Öksüzler, Bekirler, Kocahaliller and Kocaköy neighborhoods, Bornova's Beşyol, Çiçekliköy, Evka-4 and Homeros Valley regions, Çiğli Egekent, Esentepe, İzkent and Evka-5, Kemalpaşa Ovacık, Bayramlı, Sarılar, Yiğitler, Kurudere, Kınık Karadeniz, Çanköy, Arapdere, Büyükoba, Kalemköy , Yaylaköy, Arpaseki, Örtülü, İbrahimağa, Köseler, Mustaklar, Çiftlikköy, Karatekeli and Kodukburun neighborhoods and Menemen Çukurköy and Ödemiş Gölcük neighborhoods have completed the work of salting and road opening.


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