Minister Arslan: "Chinese Talk About Eastern Express"

arslan gnomes
arslan gnomes

Reminding that he was in China together with the Speaker of the Parliament Binali Yildirim for attending some of the meetings last week, Arslan said that the Chinese were themselves; . What did you do, the East Fund came up and gained importance. How the East Express carries so many tourists to Kars. Bu

In his speech; Some people, especially Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry during the task of transport to Kars said nothing was done in a violent reaction to what they have done.

Saying that the rumors ignore what has been done, Arlan Kars has almost flown in the field of transportation: di Kars is flying in the field of transportation. In order to confuse the people of Kars, nothing has been done to Kars in order to confuse the people. They will probably continue to say. Let them continue to lie, deceive the nation. But people see what we do. Every day, folks see the planes coming and going from Harakani Airport to Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Harakani Airport, which has one of the most modern terminal in the world, will have its new track. In order to avoid seeing the Eastern Express, we have heard that the year 70 continues to come this year with a thousand people coming to Kars with the Eastern Express and ignores the confluence. Last week, we were in China with our Parliament Speaker Binali Yildirim. Be assured that the Chinese 'What did you do the East Chest has come up and gained importance this way. Again, he brings so many tourists to Kars. Tekrar

So what did we do?

So what did we do: 60 has renewed those old rails and lines that haven't been renewed for years in Kars, not renewed until Akyaka. And that's not enough. As Kars is a more livable city, we have implemented numerous services and these services will continue. One of them 'we said that many of the country's western province of our guests come to Kars. Let him witness the connections of Kars to other cities and neighboring countries. Let him see our divided paths. Let everyone come to see Ani Ruins, Sarıkamış, Çıldır Lake, Kars Castle and all our historical, touristic and cultural assets. Gelen We wanted Kars to see what was done during the AK Party governments in the past. The Eastern Express is now in the languages ​​and popular. Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project, Logistics Center, Airport, double roads, Eastern Express do not see dozens of projects, such as. We did a new hospital because of the weakness of the old hospital, we said it was not enough and said we will do a city hospital. Someone was also uncomfortable to go out in the morning 6 and took a photo from the Research Hospital, and this was also on television, not enough reward. Hand-insisted. She won't be sick in the 6 of the morning. Our patients arrive at 8,30 and have their examination. If you were there during the period of Kılıçdaroğlu'nun at that time you would see that there was garbage. Kars is now spoken around the world. Kars 15 will benefit from all the opportunities of the central government for years and will continue to benefit from it. Friends who do these rumors does not want to see any of these services, they only speak. İşte (gazetekars)



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