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Minister Ahmet Arslan, above the eyes above us: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim's bar during the ministry said that the bar raised high, gözler My goal is to perform step by step. 'I'm new, Banane, I'm the new Minister' I do not have a luxury. Binali Bey is a separate responsibility, because the eye of the citizen on us, '' he said.
Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Mr. Ahmet Arslan gave information about the ongoing and new projects of the Ministry after the iftar dinner given by the Ministry and affiliated organizations for the personnel working in the central organization. . It's not the leader who brings the bar here, but it's not under the leader, ersiz he said. Arslan stated that their aim is to realize their goals step by step and said:
Ile I don't have a problem with Binali Bey. Citizens do not compare. That's really our advantage. 'I came, Banane, I'm the new Minister' I do not have a luxury. Binali Bey is a separate responsibility, because the eye of the citizen is on us. The citizen will not have a tolerance to us, 'It was new, it was just learning.' Citizen will say 'You him one by one time. You were already there. ' These are some of the declared projects. Gradually, we will be thinking about new projects. Yav
30 stated that they will open the Osmangazi Bridge in June and that they will immediately put into service about 59 kilometers. Ars Especially from Istanbul to Kocaeli, Yalova will be able to get to the Aegean from Bursa to Orhangazi. Beginning with the holiday, citizens who want to go to the Aegean this summer will experience its comfort. Mr. Prime Minister, did not forget the gospel about the toll. 30 In June I hope that the President and the Prime Minister will give his good news at the opening. X
Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway project that they want to finish the end of this year, said Arslan said: bitir Because it is very important for our country with Marmaray. It is the beginning of the projects we will load the most. Hopefully, if we connect it, the railway transportation in our country will increase from 27-28 million tons to 50 million tons per year. So he'il double it. One project in Turkey, and links to the transport corridor, central corridor become especially important. At the end of this year, at least we aim to run a diesel train. Bu
Minister Ahmet Arslan noted that they had a serious problem with the connection of the suburban lines at MARMARAY. Because we don't have much to tolerate. Not only the suburban lines are very important in terms of being a complement to the central corridor, not for urban transport in Istanbul. We can't complete the corridor when he's not there. Halkalı-Kapıkule railway is also preparing for the moment, our primary goal is to complement it as a complement to the middle corridor immediately realized it.
MINISTER Ahmet Arslan, High Speed ​​Train studies also stated that there is a slowdown: çalış We are in a difficult geography. No matter how much drillings you do ground surveys, you can actually see some surprises in the field. This prolongs the process of large projects a little. New Pendik-Ayrılıkçeşme from Kazlıçeşme HalkalıThe part up to now continues as Marmaray's CR3 contract as suburban lines. We are now squeezing the contractor. Either we will make an attack and speed up or find a solution, it will not work… It looks like that. The target is two years there now. So to have completed suburban lines in 2018. Konya-Eskişehir is ok in YHT. It also continues to be extended until Karaman. There were missing places on the Ankara-Sivas line, all of these missing parts were tendered. The Ankara-Izmir line consists of several stages. Ready until Polatlı. After Polatlı, there are several stages until İzmir. We have contracts and there are parts that we are at the tender stage. Tenders will be completed in a few months on all the route up to Izmir. Izmir-Ankara will be 3.5 hours. Ankara Sivas is 2 hours… "
MINISTRY Mehmet Arslan announced that the General Directorate of Highways will do so in the Southeastern Anatolia, where the PKK has opened barricades in the trench and that the 7 settlements where the operations are carried out, will not leave the municipalities to the municipalities. Arslan, 220 miles of inner-city roads will be made with hot asphalt, the completion of the necessary procurement outside Şırnak said. Arslan gave the following information about the latest situation: di In the districts where operations were carried out, tenders were made to construct hot asphalt for the roads in the pit excavations, and work was started. We are experiencing difficulties on the roads of the municipalities. In particular, all of these roads, including the inner city, including the General Directorate of Highways, auctions made, hot asphalts we will do. Auctions were held in Sur, Cizre, Silopi, Idil, Nusaybin, Dargeçit and Derik. Urban roads will be made of hot asphalt. Operations in Şırnak could not be determined because the operations were continuing. The tender will be made after the operation. Diyarbakır, Mardin and Sirnak Governorship are working together. A total of 220 kilometers will be built. Toplam

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