In the memory of Oğuz Arda who died in the train accident, football academy opened

Oğuz Arda Sel Football Academy was opened by Uzunköprü Municipality by the 258 student and opened in Uzunköprüspor Social Facilities of Uzunköprü Municipality.

Studying Oguz Arda Sel Football Academy, which was founded with the aim of developing football knowledge and skills, avoiding bad habits and raising football players in our city, was attended by Oğuz Arda Sel's mother Mısra Öz, his uncle Fatih Sel, his grandfather and grandmother. .

Mısra Öz speaking at the opening; . I am proud that my son's name, which I lost as a result of a negligence, was kept alive here in his own country. I want Oğuz Arda's name to be infinite. I wish our children playing in the academy will realize the dreams of Oğuz Arda. Ak

Uzunköprüspor Technical Director and Academy General Coordinator Nejat ÖNTAŞ; Ve We would like to thank everyone who supported us and our municipality. Our sons who will grow here will serve our country professionally. Burada

Mayor Av. Enis İşbilen; Uz In Uzunköprü, we are fulfilling the necessity of social democratic municipality in this sportive sense. 8 Oguz Arda Sel and his father Hakan Sel lost in the July train crash in this way we wanted to live the memory of Hakan Sel. Every citizen who lost his life was special to us, and as a result of minor negligence, we still live in the sorrow of losing our 25 citizens. We would like to thank our students and their families for enrolling in the academy. All sports materials will be given free of charge to our students and sport and training profile will be continuously monitored by the technical and administrative staff.

After the speeches, Oğuz Arda Sel's mother Mısra Öz enrolled in the academy and distributed the T-shirt with Oğuz Arda's visual.

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