New Bridge to the Mill in Manavgat

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is rebuilding the Değirmenli bridge connecting the 3 neighborhoods in Manavgat. With the new bridge, transportation will be more secure and comfortable.

The teams of the Rural Services Department of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality continue their work for comfortable and reliable transportation. Teams, Manavgat, Değirmenli, Saraçlı, Güzelyalı neighborhood connecting the bridge makes a new one. The tear bridge is narrow and deformed, and the rain water in the winter was blocked by the road. Upon this, the old bridge was dismantled and a larger and modern bridge was started.

Safe and convenient transportation
The new bridge, which will make the transportation of three neighborhoods safer and more streamlined, was planned as 17 meters long 9 meters wide. In this way, citizens will avoid the fearful dream of heavy rains in the winter. Consultant to the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Isa Akdemir, by checking the work, received information.

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