Şanlıurfa Breaks a Mass in Public Transportation

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Ciftci has opened the service building which was completed by the Metropolitan Municipality BELSAN General Directorate.

The transportation complex established by the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality contains a 3 thousand square meter service building, the resting areas of public transport vehicle drivers, dining halls and administrative offices. I need, ”he said, stating that they will stand upright against perception operations as usual.


In his speech, Mayor Çiftçi said,, Şanlıurfa is growing, developing and renewing itself. When we started to work, we had BELSAN A.Ş. Construction, construction, transportation and all kinds of social work was looking. We have divided it into 4 company by seeing that this will not happen with one company. BELSAN A.Ş. in the sense of transportation, BELSAN In the sense of social facility, BELTAŞ in the sense of construction and construction BELENERJİ point to take our Metropolitan point in the point of energy at the energy point, we have taken the company to specialize.

Our companies, which used to make losses, started to make profit now. It is not easy to create these services while creating employment. 3 years ago, our company, which dispatched and managed its staff in an apartment, is opening our 3 thousand square meter administrative and management building, which is established in many monitoring centers and indoor areas located in the terminal and now within our transportation campus. Now it will provide better services to our Şanlıurfa with 991 personnel. If you cannot provide the physical environment that can ensure the development of their staff in a healthy environment, you cannot bring the transportation of Şanlıurfa to a point. Hopefully, with the new trambus project, which we will carry out the test drive today and will open on November 21, Şanlıurfa will now break new ground in transportation. Both the Transportation Master Plan and the rail system projects are being prepared. We work in partnership with our Chinese technical committee for the Transportation Master Plan and rail system. Many topics are discussed in our city, but we are looking at our business. ”


President Nihat Ciftci said, im We can do politics, we can compete in Sanliurfa. . I'm really going to hand over the problem points. The 1 we are making the ring road occurs after months when it detects how it is not finished.

We are about to finish the Trambus project, we will do the test and there is a perception that the vehicle does not rotate without further testing. Turkey's largest bridged the junction working, toiling in the heart of Sanliurfa We are demoting the riot junction. Bridged intersections have been kept to this day.

Our brothers in Sanliurfa ask. Now they are starting to mobilize the owners at the foot of the mountain, because of the urban development and transformation area we have done for the sovereign state, there will be no infrastructure works here. 3 When I took office years ago, I laid the foundation of the Steel Bridges that will cross the GAP Valley and realized their projects. Together with our friends, we nationalized the ring roads there, we have projected and there were problems expected by years, we solved them all together. And so our Department of Science Affairs has started to work here. We will serve you everywhere, but we will also consider the poor, as we consider our historical buildings, the development of the city and the environment.

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