Number of Passengers Carried by Marmaray 295 Exceeds Million

the number of passengers transported by marmaray 295 million
the number of passengers transported by marmaray 295 million

Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan, combining the Asian and European sides under the sea with Marmaray up to now 295 more than a million passengers between the continents with confidence and comfort in the 4 minutes, he said.

Minister Turhan, "Marmaray is more and more citizens every year, according to 2017'dan 2018'den 3,5 million passengers increase." He said.

Turhan, Marmaray's introduction into service 5. In its statement, Marmarus, operated by TCDD Transportation and commissioned at 29 October 2013, said that more than a million passengers traveled to 295 in minutes with the confidence and comfort between Asia and the European continents.

637 wagons carrying a thousand 5 people at one time, 333 voyages to the number of passengers carried out 220 times a day, the number of passengers transported on busy days, explaining the number of thousands of passengers Turhan, not only Istanbul's inner city of Marmaray, but also to protect the environment and the reduction of traffic accidents great contribution.

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Cahit Turhan, "more and more citizens of Marmaray every year, according to 2017'den 2018'den 3,5 million passengers increase." He said.

Turhan, Marmaray'ın commissioning annually about 27 thousand car owners prefer Marmaray to withdraw from the traffic, so that the release of 270 thousand tons of toxic gas is prevented, while around 6,5 million dollars in the cost of toxic gas is reported to be saved.

According to those who prefer Marmaray, providing an average hour time saving compared to other transportation vehicles, approximately 295 million passengers have saved 295 million hours, Turhan said.

"Gebze- Halkalı line is being built as 3 line. Suburban operation will be carried out on the 2 line with Marmaray. The high-speed train and freight train will be operated on the third line. Therefore, it is not only for urban public transportation, but also for the main line of passenger transportation, logistics sector and international railway corridor. Uninterrupted rail transport to Beijing and London can be made from the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line, which is the main pillar of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route and is put into operation at 30 October 2017. Trans

Marmaray's Gebze-Halkalı line, the 1 million 200 thousand passengers will be moved to the day when the service will be fully emphasized Turhan, the continent of the project that will contribute to the identity of Istanbul's world city said.

TCDD General Directorate of Transport operated by high-speed trains (YHT) to date with the 43,4 million passengers have been transported Turhan, also in the last year, a very high demand for the Eastern Express and Van Lake trains, including the use of conventional trains, the number of passengers using high increases observed She pulled. Turhan, the train system is ignored in the days of the service is now far behind, he said.

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