Buses Suitable for Disabled Use, Right to Obtain Accessibility Certificate Kazanoutside

Accessible buses of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, suitable for disabled use, are entitled to an accessibility certificate. kazanwas.

Municipality 'Accessibility Certificate' by this document, the field has taken its place among the first municipalities in Turkey.

Metropolitan Municipality vehicle fleet kazanBy obtaining an 'Accessibility Certificate' for the accessible buses it carries, it has documented the transportation leg of its sensitive services for the disabled.

Buses used in public transportation services carried out within the scope of the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, 'Accessibility Monitoring and Inspection Services' carried out by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and 'Accessibility' adequacy for the use of the disabled within the scope of the inspections carried out by the 'Accessibility Monitoring and Inspection Commission' by the Mersin Governorship entitled to an 'Accessibility Certificate' showing that kazanwas.

Accessible buses are included in the vehicle fleet in order for all individuals living in Mersin to have equal rights in the use of public transportation. kazanBy certifying the service it provides, the dıran Metropolitan Municipality has crowned its sensitivity to both the transportation of disabled citizens and public transportation with the document.

As a result of the audits carried out within the scope of the Law on the Disabled Persons with the Number 5378, the process for the 'Accessibility Certificate' which is taken to the 100 bus in the first place is going on and a document will be received for the use of disabled people for all buses.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, which has won many awards with its practices and investments for disabled people, continues to increase the service quality for disabled people as the first municipality to set up the Office for the Handicapped.

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