Istanbul Will Be The World's Aviation Center

istanbul will become the aviation center of the world
istanbul will become the aviation center of the world

Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan said, ın From now on, people from all over the world will travel from Istanbul Airport to the world. Ulaştırma

Turhan, who came to the airport due to his first scheduled flight to Ankara with the flight of THY to Ek TK 2124 ları from Istanbul Airport, Turkish Airlines (THY) General Manager Bilal Ekşi, General Manager of the State Airports Authority (DHMİ) and Chairman of the Board of Directors He came to the check-in counter with Funda Ocak and got a representation ticket.

Turhan told reporters, ya Istanbul Airport, the time of the 11: 10 plane to Ankara passengers will make the first departure. Our future, great, rich, happy and strong first flight to Turkey will make our passengers from Istanbul to Ankara airport. After that, people from all over the world will travel from Istanbul Airport all over the world. Her

and to transfer the passengers, as well as Turhan said the future of the airport to travel to Turkey, he continued:

Cek The people of our country will also go to other countries. Istanbul will now be an aviation center in the world. This is where the history of civil aviation will be rewritten. Today a new page is written in the history and we add a gold page in the history of aviation to this airport and history pages. Good luck. All kinds of facilities for the people who will benefit from the journey, happy to make the process, all kinds of facilities were thought to make it easy. Measures were taken to eliminate the needs. All kinds of precautions have been taken until the arrival of our passengers coming from the airport to the airport and even reaching their homes until they get on the plane from the entrance to the airport in order to use their time in the best way and in the most comfortable way. The spaces here are large and comfortable. All kinds of automation systems and security systems have been installed to increase people's mobility and speed. İnsanlar

Emphasizing that the personnel who will serve the incoming passengers are also trained, Turhan said, v Three people welcomed me here today. They cut off my ticket. The ones who are coming will have their tickets ready and will be able to reach the plane as soon as possible after the check-in. If they have time, they will be able to sit in the shopping centers where they can be happy, and have the opportunity to spend their time in the cafes, recreation places or even art areas where they can have coffee. Zaman

Expressing that Istanbul Airport was designed as a life center, Turhan said, olarak Today I see my excitement exposed. I cannot share many details, details with you, but people will learn as you live it. I want everybody to come and see this awareness. Our people will be proud of his country, his country, his power once again. Bizim

After passing the apron of the exhibition of photographs of Ara Güler Cahit Turhan, then cut off the tickets of some passengers and talked to the employees of the Air Control Tower.

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