2020 Budget of Ministry of Transport Approved

year of the ministry of transport approved
year of the ministry of transport approved

2020 Budget of Ministry of Transport Approved; Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, spoke at the General Assembly of the TGNA on the 2020 budget of the Ministry.

Turkey both are working for the future as well as today, it Turhan describing the sum of what they say survivability issues, transport and communication sector in sweat shedding 250 thousand people "civilization soldiers are" stressed the piers need to be cut.

Recalling the words of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's “road is civilization”, Turhan said, “These people are laying the milestones of our road and civilization with their works. I thank all of them individually in your presence. ” used expressions.

"Whatever we did, we did for the survival of our beautiful homeland and the salvation of our cherished nation." he said Turhan, which is great contributions to the world of saints nation to reach the present level of civilization, carrying the 100th anniversary of the Republic, Turkey has expressed the determination of the world's leading countries will endeavor between bites.

Transport, maritime and communication services for the last 17 years, 757 billion 200 million pounds spent spending Turhan, the main goal is to create a balance between different modes of transport pointed out.

Turhan said that they have invested 137 billion 500 million pounds in total in railways.

Turhan emphasized that they aim to increase the share of freight in rail and road transport by 2 times.

“Total road 68 thousand 254 kilometers”

Minister Turhan, divided the length of the road to reach 27 thousand 123 kilometers, 3 thousand 60 kilometers of highway network, including a total of 68 thousand 254 kilometers of roads, he said.

Turhan stated that thanks to the divided roads, fuel and workforce saves more than 18 billion liras annually, although divided roads constitute 40 percent of the total road network, while the average speed is increasing from 82 km to 40 km. She reported.

Minister Turhan continued as follows: “There was a 2003 percent increase in traffic mobility in the road network between 2018 and 92. But there was a 71 percent decrease in the number of people who died in traffic accidents. We see this as the benefit we care most about since 2003. In the last 17 years, we have increased the standard of 13 km single platform road and put it into service. We carried out an average of 422 thousand 14 kilometers of asphalt work and repairs annually.

Bithan hot-mix coating road network increased by more than 3 times 25 thousand 962 kilometers to reach the voicing Turhan, completed the 1.513 kilometers of ring roads, 1.183 kilometers of work continues and planning phase of 915 kilometers, he said.

“We make economic and financial analysis for the project”

Minister Cahit Turhan, Europe to the Caucasus, expressing the Middle East and to the public highway network that will enable the West to the East uninterrupted access to the Turkey on the bridge connecting Central Asia they do with the private-sector cooperation, high they will do with the public-private sector cooperation method He pointed out that standard and high-cost projects make economic and financial analysis regarding the project before making an investment decision.

Turhan stated that they evaluate the costs, vehicle operation, maintenance, accident and similar economic benefits and costs that each project will provide, benefiting from operating revenues, financing the projects, transferring budget facilities to other projects with high social benefits, and emphasizing that they have spread the transportation service to the country.

Turhan continued: “By increasing these projects to the service of our citizens in a much shorter period of time, we increase the momentum of economic development. For example, the North Marmara Motorway is a 7 billion 950 million dollar project. The contractors will complete the project and deliver the operating times to the state by the middle of 2027 in sections starting from 2030. So there is no guarantee for them for life. These will be the property of the nation in 10 years. I would like to underline that we make environmental impact and assessment studies without making a construction decision. If there is an inevitable effect, we are trying to reduce it and increase the quality of life. I mentioned the Northern Marmara Highway, we planted 1 million 371 thousand saplings instead of 7 million 142 thousand trees affected by the project. We will plant another 540 thousand until the end of the project.

Turhan stated that they are striving to provide a clean and livable world and environment for future generations and that the total planting in the scope of the projects has exceeded 68 million.

“Work continues in 148 tunnels”

Minister Turhan, the length of the highway 1.714 kilometers, a significant portion of the build-operate-transfer model, including the 1.346 kilometers of motorways by registering, today, the highway network has reached 3 thousand 60 kilometers, 2023 and 2035 to 20 years in total, 5 projects to implement a total of 532 thousand XNUMX kilometers of highway construction plans.

Turhan continued his words as follows: “Construction works are still continuing in 573 kilometers of these projects. For the remaining segment, our project preparation studies continue. The investment value of the 4 projects we do with the build-operate-transfer model on the highways is 109 billion 820 million liras. The total guarantee we pay for these projects is 9 billion 640 million liras. The opportunity to do important projects, including all of the highway projects I have mentioned, was realized with the financing provided by foreign financial institutions thanks to the economic and political stability we achieved during the AK Party governments. ”

Explaining that the length of the tunnel has been increased by 17 times and the length of the bridge and viaduct has been increased by 9 times in the last 2 years, Turhan said that 2016 million vehicles have passed since 48 when it was put into service through the Eurasia Tunnel, one of the mega projects that breathe comfortably to Istanbul. Cahit Turhan said:

"Turkey across 533 kilometers in length, the tunnel work continues at 148. Project works are ongoing in 636 tunnels with a length of 250 kilometers. The project is ready for 142 tunnels with a length of 46 kilometers. Gümüşhane Zigana, Sivas Geminbeli, Erzurum Kop and Van Güzeldere are among the tunnels we continue to build. In the last 17 years, we have completed the construction of 333 thousand 2 bridges and viaducts with a length of 955 kilometers. Among these, Nisibi, Ağın, Hasankeyf are the examples that come to my mind first.

Construction work continues on 62 bridges and viaducts with a length of 539 kilometers. The Kömürhan Bridge and Eğiste Viaduct are the art structures that stand out in terms of technique. In 2019 alone, we aimed to finish 23 kilometers of bridges, viaducts and crossroads with a length of 92 kilometers. We have exceeded this goal. We have completed 40 bridges, viaducts and junctions of 171 kilometers. With the maintenance and repair of 1.077 bridges, we also restored 256 historical bridges. The length of the 8 thousand 922 bridges serving the traffic has reached 644 kilometers. ”

Minister Cahit Turhan, within the scope of earthquake strengthening, including two bridges in the Marmara region, including 239 bridges and viaducts with 5 bridges have completed their work, he added.

Investments in railways

Turhan stated that they see railways as one of the most important rings of sustainable development moves and they have made great efforts to revive this neglected area for years.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on record that they make their re-state policy railways Turhan, they renovate all of the main lines of the existing 11 thousand 590-kilometer railway network, they renovate its infrastructure after 156 years between them, Turkey's first railway line, which explained that the Aydın-İzmir line.

Turhan pointed out that for the first time after 40 years, within the scope of the railway works, they connected a provincial center to the railway network with the Tekirdağ-Muratlı line, thereby reaching the railway of Tekirdağ Port.

Turhan reminiscent of the opening of the private sector of the railway, 1.213 kilometers of high-speed train line said.

Ankara-Eskişehir-Istanbul, Ankara-Konya-Istanbul routes, approximately 52 million travels took place Turhan recorded, said:

“We only carried about 200 million passengers this year on all railways. We are currently continuing the construction of a total of 1.889 kilometers of High Speed ​​Train Line between Ankara-İzmir and Ankara-Sivas. In addition to High Speed ​​Train lines, we also build high speed train lines where cargo and passenger transportation can be carried out together. Bursa-Bilecik, Konya-Karaman-Niğde-Mersin-Adana, Osmaniye-Gaziantep, Çerkezköy-We are continuing the construction works on 1.626 kilometers of fast railway line, namely Kapikule and Sivas-Zara. A total of 429 kilometers of railway construction continues with 3 kilometers of conventional railways. ”

“We aim to increase the line rate to 2023 percent in 77”

Minister Turhan, high-speed train and high-speed train lines and stations in the provinces where the station has a different touch, projects based on the cultural texture of these cities, they said.

Stating that they continue their electrification and signalization studies in order to reduce operating costs in lines and provide high capacity safe transportation, Turhan also stated that they aim to increase the line rate of 45 percent in signal and electric lines to 2023 percent in 77.

Turhan said: “Thanks to our modernization efforts, we see that the number of accidents occurring on railways decreased by 1988 percent when we compared the period between 2002-2003 and 2018-77. We pay special attention to efforts to establish a national and domestic railway industry and to connect railways to production centers and ports. We are establishing logistics centers to increase the competitiveness of our businesses, to facilitate marketing opportunities and to make combined transportation more active. ”

Pointing out that Turkey now produces and uses a significant part of high-speed train-related materials and national freight wagons, kazanHe said that the works for the National Electric and Diesel Train Sets are continuing.

Cahit Turhan, National High-Speed ​​Train Project with the Industrial Cooperation Program in the direction of realization of the work is continuing, by 2023 294 kilometers of intersection line said they aim to complete.

Minister Turhan, by improving the understanding of infrastructure works and management, increased the load carried by railways from 16 million tons to 32 million tons, on the other hand, as the Ministry, the support for urban rail transportation continues, and in this context, İzmir, Ankara, Konya, Kocaeli, Kayseri, Gaziantep, He stated that there are rail system projects in Bursa, Erzurum and Erzincan.

“Total passenger traffic reached 211 million”

Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, pointed out that Turkish civil aviation has become a global power with the applications and regulations they have made in the last 17 years.

Emphasizing that domestic passenger transportation was opened to competition, Turhan said that they increased the number of active airports from 26 to 56 during this period.

Turhan reminded that when Istanbul Airport is completed, it will be one of the largest airports in the world, with a capacity of 200 million passengers.

“We are also continuing the construction of Rize-Artvin, the second airport built on the sea, after Ordu-Giresun, which is one of the important airports in the world, which will strengthen its position as one of the important destinations and transfer centers of our country. We built many new airports in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions. We have connected our provinces and regions with Bingöl, Şırnak, Hakkari, Ağrı, Kars airports.

While we are building new airports, we are also building modern terminals. Recently, we have completed the terminals of Diyarbakır, Van, Çanakkale, Sinop, Muş, Balıkesir and Kahramanmaraş airports and put them into service. We will also realize the terminal building projects of Gaziantep, Samsun Çarşamba, Cappadocia and Kayseri Airports. We see what all these works mean in the increase in passenger traffic. Total passenger traffic reached 211 million. We are the fastest developing country in the flight network. We fly to 126 destinations in 326 countries. The turnover in the aviation sector reached 143 billion liras and employment reached 209 thousand. ”

“We are working on the construction of a 505 km smart road”

Minister Turhan, said Turkey's good that they move with a planned maritime policy to make the best use of the advantages of geographic location.

Turkish owned fleet, 19 in the world from 15 to 190 stating that Turhan, total cargo handling from 460 million tons to XNUMX million tons, he said.

Touching on the Canal Istanbul Project, Turhan said, “We have determined the route of Kanal Istanbul, which will provide an alternative to the Bosphorus and will be the guarantee of property and life safety. We will complete the project and planning works and start construction. We respect the criticism of people who do not have direct information on this subject, but we have done the feasibility of the project to the finest detail, no one doubts. We do all this with great love of the state and homeland. ” he spoke.

National Intelligent Transportation Systems Strategy Document and Action Plan drew attention to preparing Turhan, said they are working for the construction of a 505-kilometer smart road.

Turhan wished that his Ministry's budget would be beneficial.

“Annual average growth in fiber is 20 percent”

In the General Assembly of the Parliament, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan, who answered the questions of the deputies regarding the budget of his ministry, completed the 423-kilometer Konya-Karaman High Speed ​​Train Project within the scope of the 102 km Konya-Karaman-Niğde (Ulukışla) - Mersin-Adana High Speed ​​Train Project in the second quarter of 2020. and said it was planned to switch to high speed train management.

Turhan, 135 kilometers of Karaman-Ulukışla section of 2022, Ulukışla-Yenice section is intended to be completed in 2025, expressed that 67-kilometer Adana-Mersin construction, tender preparation work is continued, the project is targeted to be completed in 2022, he said.

Minister Turhan, Kahramanmaras Airport Istanbul every day of the week, five days Sabiha Gokcen, four days to Ankara Esenboga airport, expressing the mutual flights, VOR, DME and NDB navigation equipment at international standards, he said.

Fiber broadband services in Turkey since 2010. First introduced in recent years the average annual growth of 20 percent that said Turhan, said:

“As of today, 3,1 million subscribers have been reached. In line with this development in subscriber numbers, the infrastructure has also improved. In this context, the number of households reached in the fiber, which was 2015 million in the first half of 9, has exceeded 14 million as of today and has increased by 55 percent in the last four years. In addition, our fiber infrastructure length increased by 40 percent in this period, exceeding 371 thousand kilometers. By establishing an electronic communication infrastructure information system, it was ensured that the electronic communication infrastructure information of the operators was collected in a single database. Thanks to EHAB, it is expected that our fiber network length and number of subscribers will increase much faster as the infrastructure installation of the operators becomes easier and faster. ”

Minister Turhan noted that the Mediterranean Coastal Road Project, which is under construction between Mersin and Antalya, is 479 kilometers long and the road will decrease to 40 kilometers by completing the road in question by 439 kilometers shortening. Explaining that the 399 kilometers of the road was completed, Turhan stated that it is aimed to complete the whole project in 2023.

Turhan said, “Karaman-Mut-Silifke road is 150 kilometers in total and 99 kilometers were completed in the previous years as a divided road. Road construction works continue in 51 sections between Karaman and Silifke with a total length of 5 kilometers. With the Sertavul Tunnel, work continues in 8 tunnels in total and the route is planned to be completed in 2022. ” he spoke.

Cahit Turhan stated that the project works of the Yerköy-Kayseri High Speed ​​Train Project have been completed, preparation works for the construction tender are continuing and they will start to work on the tender in the coming days.

Explaining that the Pınarbaşı-Gürün road was opened to traffic as a divided road, Turhan stated that the project works involving Mazıkıran Tunnel between Pınarbaşı-Gürün continued and it was planned to be made in line with the budget opportunities by offering it to the investment program.

In addition to the 2020 budgets of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the General Directorate of Highways, Information Technology and Communication Authority and the General Directorate of Civil Aviation were also accepted at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

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