6 Wagon Started to Be Used in Başkentray

6 wagon started to be used in the capital
6 wagon started to be used in the capital

Located in Sincan-Kayaş, the capital city of Baskentray has started to use 6 wagons for some flights.

Thus, the 129 Basis line from the daily operated 64 train was operated with double sets and the passenger carrying capacity was increased by 50. Apart from the weekend and public holidays, the Xrayx series 2 was transported from Qinq and Kayash to QNUMX wagons. Together with the new arrangement, trains are now serving one single (triple wagon) and one double (six-car) sets on Başkentray flights.

Every 15 per day in Başkentray is carried out once a week, while 45 thousand 500 passengers are transported during the week. 12 5 200 thousands of passengers were served from April to April. In addition to this, the E-Bus buses, Ankaray and subway can be transferred to Başkentray where the Ankarakart system is valid. With the completion of the signaling work at Başkentray, it was learned that the train hours were tightened and the flight times were reorganized.

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