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Bursa Brokers Recep Altepe
Bursa Brokers Recep Altepe

President Recep Altepe, MUSIAD Bursa Branch came together with the machinery industry at a meeting where they came a very important road about the construction of the Silkworm said.

Metropolitan Municipality, Durmazlar Mayor Recep Altepe stated that the İpek Böceği tram, which was built in partnership with Makine and Siemens, is of a better quality than the world-famous tram brands. We're no different from the Germans. Our tram is of better quality.. Bursa industrialists Hilton Metropolitan Mayor met at the hotel Recep Altepe, the world is no longer in the race of cities in Turkey Noting that there is time to be wasting time, "it needs to create new products and brands. We need to improve our engineering and make a breakthrough. We have a young population. We have advantages in Turkey. We must renew ourselves. Bursa should be a city that produces its own brands. Technology is no longer hidden. Now there is technology in the world. We must guide people against innovation. We are the municipality. We have our own sectors. We're taking the rail vehicle. We said we could produce a vehicle. We give 8 million dollars to a wagon. 4 wagon 32 costs millions of dollars. Why shouldn't this money stay in Bursa? Why shouldn't hundreds of industries work for themselves? Why not sell it to the world as Turkish goods. All of these works are labor. Let's set up our own systems. Let's strengthen our cadres ”.


Noting that they produce tram and that there are metro cars, Altepe said, Alt We said during the election period and we started to work on this subject. Now we need a subway car. They're all the same. The German doesn't have more than us. We are good in many ways from them. There are 22 thousand companies in Europe. We also have 22 bin firm. Silk Beetle will go to Berlin in September. The tool is better than others. In our workmanship is cheaper, the wave of the German wave is ours is immaculate. Better material. ”

We've taken important roads

Durmazlar Hüseyin Durmaz, Chairman of the Board of Machinery, said that there are important breakthroughs in the machinery sector. Durmaz said, ekmek There is bread and movement in this sector. We should take our prime minister as an example. We must set targets. We should do our work more than automotive. ”

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