Delice - Kırşehir Railway Project Pre-selection applications for the survey, project and engineering tender were collected

TCDD Delice - Kırşehir Railway Project Preliminary selection applications for survey, project and engineering tender were collected
The pre-selection applications for the tender for the Delice-Kırşehir Railway (Infrastructure, Superstructure. Electromechanical) Survey, Project, Engineering and Consultancy Service tender of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways Administration, with the number 2016/34972 KIK, were collected on March 6, 2016. After the evaluation studies, the preliminary selection was made. selection kazanAt the moment, companies/joint ventures will be asked to submit bids. The companies/joint ventures that applied for the pre-selection for the tender were determined as follows:
1-Altmok Consultancy
2. Botek Inc.
3. Ernay Engineering
4. Erbil Project - Sweco
5. Erka-As - Koba Engineering
6.Eptisa Engineering
7. Engineering
8. Optim Inc.
9. Mega Engineering
10. Protek Engineering
II. Engineering
12. Temelsu Engineering
13. Temat Teknik - İnpro Mühendislik - Transportation
14. Transtech - Metnoplan Cons. - Atac Eng.
15. Su-Yapı - KMG Project
16. Systra - Tanjant Engineering
17. Tekfen Engineering
18. Toker Sondaj - Apron Mühendislik
19. Contact Tümaş directly
20. UBM Inc.
21. Contact Yüksel directly

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