Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone to be Established in Sivas

Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone will be Established in Sivas: Sivas Governor Bilen Barut announced that en Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone gesi will be established in the city.
Gunpowder, said in the 1950'li years Sivas and the country's economy as the locomotive of the railway investments until the 2000'ye lost years of great blood, he said.
850 in the 2 hectare square at the Iron and Steel Factory's location for the old days of Sivas which is the X Railway City X with the investments it has taken in the first years of the Republic. Barut, who stated that an organized industrial zone was set up, transferred the 5 million 203 thousand 141 square meters to the 2. He said the 22 was acquired in April 2015 instead of the legal entity in the Organized Industrial Zone.
For the expropriation of the remaining part and the construction of infrastructure, it should be taken into the 2016 deposit program and this proposal has been forwarded to the Ministry of Science, Industry and Informatics. Barut announced that it will start to determine the land in 2016.
Governor Barut, said:
Lardır Up to now, 22 company in Demirağ OSB has requested to allocate 1 million 500 thousand square meters of land. The fact that there is a railway contact within the region and that the logistic village will be established in this area, attracts the attention of investors who want to manufacture wagons. This area, which will be allocated to Turkish Property and many other investors, will increase the railway investments in Sivas, and the production and employment will increase with the clustering. Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone to our province to bring good luck and luck. Demir

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  1. Even the civil aviation organized industrial zone should be established in Divriği, where it was born and grew up in the aviation industry where it puts its life and all its capital in the memory of this great man.