YGS setting for mass transportation in İzmir

YGS setting for mass transportation in İzmir: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality made arrangements for mass transportation due to the Transition to Higher Education Examination (YGS) to be held on March Sunday in 13.
Bus services were strengthened so that the candidates could reach the examination centers without difficulty. The General Directorate of ESHOT put 100 additional buses on the lines where exam intensity will be experienced. In addition, 9 Eylul University on the ring road only working during the week, 290, 390 and 690 lines will continue to serve on Sunday, the exam was announced.
İzmir Metro station due to the passenger density due to the test to increase the number of expeditions. On Sunday mornings, the 10 flights were re-arranged every minute before and after the exam.
In case of need, İZBAN will make two train sets ready at the Alsancak Station for action. İZDENİZ accelerated the expedition with the introduction of new gulf boats, took measures against the density that could occur with the spare ships to be kept in the piers.

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