4 millennial ancient city is being reborn in Kayseri

Kayseri, the ancient city of 4 thousand years, is reborn: When Kayseri is mentioned, the first delicious ravioli, pastrami and sausage come to mind. However, Kayseri, the history of BC. It carries the traces of an ancient city dating back to the 4000s. Nowadays, it is taking firm steps towards becoming a worldwide brand city. Historical and touristic places in the center, skiing pleasure in Erciyes, proximity to Cappadocia… These triple destinations contribute to the city's journey to become a brand. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Çelik recently organized a press tour to contribute to the promotion of the city. The trip was accompanied by Anı Tur's Chairman of the Board of Directors Veli Çilsal, Board of Directors Member Hilal Çilsal Tepe, and Anı Tur Marketing and Corporate Communications Director Burcuİlhan. Of Kayseri
From the two-day trip of historical and touristic places, the notes are as follows:


Mount Erciyes, the symbol of Kayseri. Erciyes with smoke is offering tourism options and ski slopes for everyone. Erciyes Ski Center at the height of 3 meters 917 meters above sea level is also attractive in terms of health tourism with its clean and soft air, natural rich mineral spring waters.


The Erciyes Ski Resort Project, in which Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality invested 300 million euros, is described as the largest project in Kayseri's history. With the Erciyes Tourism Master Plan, which forms the basis of the project, Kayseri is expected to get a large share from the tourism sector. The project will make a great contribution to the region and the country's economy. Within this plan, 3 thousand people will be provided with job opportunities. The annual income will be 100 million euro direct and 100 million euro indirect income. An industrial sector will be formed in Kayseri related to the production of equipment specific to winter and nature sports. Social life in Kayseri will develop further. With the sports competitions and Olympics in different branches to be held in Erciyes, Kayseri's name will be brought to international platforms. The center will create a brand new Erciyes where all kinds of summer and winter outdoor sports can be done easily, with 40 km of state-of-the-art cable car lines, and ski runs of 200 km of international standards and varying degrees of difficulty.


Kayseri Erciyes A.Ş. Chairman of the Board Murat Cahid Cıngı explained the new master plan of the Ski Center. “We are at the Summit of the Clouds. 3 is a spectacular mountain Erciyes not missing the snow from the top of the hill at the height of 917 thousand. Feeling divine feelings in a man's glory. Thousands of years became the most important symbol of the region. It has been scientifically determined that Erciyes Mountain will not be affected by global warming during the next 50 year. We did a year-long study with the Austrian ATC Tourism Consultancy company 2. In this study, the topographic and climatic conditions of Mount Erciyes as an international winter tourism center were investigated. Erciyes Mountain was registered as having an international ski resort. Again with the consultancy company Klenkhart from Austria, the 2 has been implementing projects on Mountain as a result of years of work, and since the 2010 year, the project has been implemented gradually by the Metropolitan Municipality of Kayseri. Mechanical facilities-lifts (ropeway systems), snowblowers, ski slopes, social facilities, restaurants, car parks, first aid centers, shopping malls, day trips, facilities for ski clubs, football fields and training centers were reconsidered. A new Erciyes emerged. Ort


Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Celik, ği The hospitality of the people of Kayseri is reflected in our businesses here. As Metropolitan Municipality, we want to bring Kayseri to the place it deserves. In the coming days we will establish the Kayseri Promotion Group as a municipality. We will explain the values ​​of Kayseri both nationally and internationally. Erciyes, Turkey's largest tourism and sports center make our efforts are in. Erciyes became a real sports center. We are based on the main foundation of tourism in Kayseri 3. The first one is the main line of Erciyes, historical and cultural structures in Kayseri and Cappadocia. Therefore, we offer a destination where our guests can stay for days and will not be bored. Dolayısıyla


Talas is an old settlement with its archaeological and historical urban values ​​and is an important historical city where life continues in its campus. The vital resources of the city, together with the cultural heritage values ​​of thousands of years underground and above ground, help us to understand the settlement and living culture of Talas. With its geographical location, Talas is located in the center of Cappadocia, which is an important settlement area shaped by the Front Asian civilizations in history. Talas witnessed many cultures and civilizations that dominated this geography. For this reason, he had a significant amount of historical and cultural heritage belonging to the mentioned civilizations. The life of the pre-Christ periods is still under the dark cover of history. Through excavations and surveys, the finds that will give information about these periods of Talas are tried to be reached. Water, the most important of the vital resources, followed the Kuruköprü and Zincidere routes, came from two branches to Talas and joined in Reşadiye, where the waterways were systematically stored in the cisterns in the neighborhoods and then transferred to the fountains and wells through the maxems.

Make sure you visit Talas

If you want to list the places to visit for those who will visit Talas, one of the best examples of history and culture; Ali Saip Pasha Mansion located in Gölbaşı Square in Kiçiköy District, rock carving church located in the same neighborhood, girl school in Yukarı Mahalle, 8 km southeast of Kayseri city, Okutan in Harman Neighborhood, Ali Dağı Sarnıçlı Underground City on Commando Street mansion.

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