Şirinevler Metrobüs Station

Sickness Grabbing in the Şirinevler Metrobus Station: One of the busiest, most critical stops of the Metrobus network, Sirinevler does not have a fight between ups and downs. Because some of the wake-ups are trying to get on the metrobus from the deployed platform to take up space…
Metrobus… The lifeblood of transportation in Istanbul… It is known that every day on the busiest route of the city, it carries close to 1 million passengers… Of course, when the interest in the metrobus is so high, the problems are not missing. In addition to the endless confluence in the stops, vehicles, the physical conditions at the stations also force the passengers.
For example, non-working escalators, elevators that always malfunction… And when the insensitivity of passengers is added to all this, the suffering folds. Here I will show you how a bus stop has become inexorable due to the vigilance of some passengers.
Yer Şirinevler Metrobus Stop… It is one of the stops where passenger circulation is at the top, especially in the morning and evening hours. Şirinevler. The stop is lively at all hours of the day, both due to its location and transfer to Ataköy metro station.
IETT uses the loading and unloading platforms separately in order to reduce the intensity at the stop. The passengers coming and going from Beylikdüzü-Avcılar direction are left on the platform at the entrance of the stop, and the passengers coming from Şirinevler are taken from the platform at the front of the stop.
There is a transition between the two platforms and there is no attendant. In this case, some awakens take the passengers to take the place where the metrobus leaves the platform. In this case, the disruption to the platform and overpass never ends.
Citizens who get on the metrobus from this stop every day and get tired of the suffering they suffer, said, ez We are fighting against this rule every morning. Passengers trying to ride from the downloaded place both lead to the density and the right of the citizens waiting for the appropriate order in the stall are usurped.
We conveyed our complaints to İBB White Table. We got the answer 'The people will be warned' but nothing has changed. Measures should be taken to prevent the transition between the platforms or another formula should be found. Because in this congestion, someone will be crushed, we will face sad situations. ”

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