Siemens opens tram factory in Gebze

Siemens opens tram factory in Gebze: Siemens Turkey Transportation Department, a tram factory in Gebze, is preparing to put into operation in 2017.
They have high standards and preferred in many countries, Siemens Gebze trams will be manufactured at the factory models, both Turkey and will be used in many countries, especially European countries. new factory will be implemented with an investment of about 30 million euros, Siemens Transportation Department will have an important production center for exports from Turkey and will create added value for income.
In addition to the rail system transportation vehicles, Siemens Transportation Department introduced the signaling and electrification solutions for urban and intercity rail systems to the visitors. Revealing Siemens' approach to smart electrification in rail systems, the "Infinite Evolution" slogan draws attention with its future-oriented solutions for rail system electrification that smart cities need.
While meeting the ever-increasing transportation requirements with its comprehensive rail system portfolio, Siemens reduces system costs and increases accessibility with its eco-friendly products that provide energy efficiency. Developed with strong design and innovative technology, Siemens products offer sustainable journeys and connected networks, providing solutions for today's rail systems.



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