New Rail System Lines Planned in Bursa

New Rail System Lines Planned in Bursa: Bursa has two rail systems. Bursaray is the backbone of urban transportation. Initially referred to as light rail, some parts of the ground from which some parts went from above to underground are now being considered within the definition of subway.
In addition to being a X journey on a protected line şt, which is the definition of the metron, one of the criteria, 300, has exceeded its passenger capacity.
Our second rail system is currently in the tram line, starting the construction work of the Terminal Line.
Having two separate rail transport systems is an important advantage due to transportation alternatives and complementary lines.
Mayor Recep Altepe is sensitive about the integration of metro and tram lines. Burulaş, who operates the system, carries out its projects through rail system integration.
In this context Bu
Bursaray, which provides direct access from Uludağ University to Kestel as the main body and which is among the longest metro lines in the world, also operates between Arabayatağı and Emek.
After the new wagons that were ordered, the number of wagons would be sufficient and the Kestel-Emek line would be operated as direct.
So what…
According to the program, Labor will soon be the last stop.
Initially, the project of extending Balat to meet the high-speed train via Mudanya Road was prepared, but the Environment Road Viaduct, which crossed the road after the Labor Station, made this connection difficult.
That's why…
The Metro will turn right after Emek Station and pass through Emek and the new construction to the north of the gate will reach the region. In this route, especially within the neighborhood of Labor and Passage will be made underground passage.
On the one hand, while preparations were underway, efforts to extend the metro from Uludağ University to Görükle began. The extension will be the last stop of the Metron, but the rail system will not end there.
It will be integrated with tram lines over the ground to cover the area up to Başköy due to the new housing areas established on İzmir Road.
It is worth mentioning that the tramway is not a final decision for this section, and a light rail system like the suburban train is being examined.

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