385 Croatia

Končar KEV Trains in Croatia

Končar KEV Trains in Croatia Started Expeditions: The first KEV Class 7023 diesel train ordered by the Croatian Passenger Operator (HŽ PP) to Končar started its services on February 15th. KEV Class 7023 trains taken from Zagreb to Varazdin and Kotoriba [more…]

48 Poland

Warsaw Metro Expansion Plan Announced

Plan to Expand Warsaw Metro Announced: Warsaw Metro CEO Jerzy Lejk announced the plan for the expansion of the Warsaw Metro, the capital of Poland. Speaking at the 2016 International Railway Summit (International Railway Summit), Jerzy Lejk presented a new line to expand the 2nd line on the Warsaw Metro. [more…]

namibia railway
264 Namibia

Namibia Railways

The railways in Namibia consist of roads built due to military requirements, especially when under German rule. Railway connections up to 2.382 km today connect some cities. Railway connections that do not spread across the country make almost no sense in human transport. [more…]