06 Ankara

Ankara Metro has security weakness

There is a weakness in the security of Ankara Metro: We should get used to sweat until the permanent peace comes to the Middle East. Now bombs can explode everywhere, people can lose their lives. You must be on guard constantly against terrorism, to maximize safety measures [more…]

22 Edirne

Uzunkögrülüler wants trains to continue

Uzunköprülüler Wants Train Train Continues: TCDD's Uzunköprü- Çerkezköy, Kapikule-Çerkezköy Uzunköprülüler was upset by the decision to stop the railway line trains. TCDD's Uzunköprü- Çerkezköy, Kapıkule - Çerkezköy railway line train [more…]

06 Ankara

Railroads Fear Terrorist Attack in Ankara

Railroaders Damaged the Bomber Terrorist Attack in Ankara: Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Railway Construction and Operation Personnel Solidarity and Assistance Association (YOLDER) And unity against terror by condemning the bombing in Ankara [more…]