39 Italy

New Trains of the Bilbao Metro in Spain

New Trains of Bilbao Metro Introduced in Spain: Basque Region Operator EuskoTren in Spain introduced the trains produced by CAF for Bilbao Metro at a ceremony. Thus, the first of the 28 950 series trains to be produced was introduced on February 17th. EuskoTren, 2014 [more…]

39 Italy

Feasibility Studies for Dobbiaco-Calalzo Line Starts in Italy

Dobbiaco-Calalzo Line Feasibility Studies Start in Italy: It was announced that feasibility studies for the line that will serve between Dobbiaco and Calalzo in Italy will begin. The project, which will cost 1 billion Euros, was signed in the city of Belluno on February 13. Feasibility studies of the Dobbiaco-Calalzo line, [more…]

44 UK

Siemens Desiro City Trains to be Taken to the UK

Siemens Desiro City Trains to be Purchased in England: A new train purchase agreement has been drafted by Govia Thameslink Railway in England. As a result of the agreement, a 200 million contract was signed. According to the signed contract, Siemens will pay 25 for the Govia Thameslink Railway. [more…]

29 Gumushane

Meteorology Station is set up in Suleymaniye Ski Center

Meteorology Station is Established in Süleymaniye Ski Center: For the meteorology station to be built in the ski center, which is planned to be built right next to the historical Süleymaniye District, the old settlement of Gümüşhane, the Special Provincial Administration teams work for a week-long snow fight. [more…]

12 Bingol

Ski First Bingol in Turkey

Ski First Bingol in Turkey: Turkey U2 women's Alpine K18 league Melodies Buls successful athletes representing Bingol Ski Competition, Turkey was the first. Turkey organized by the Erzurum Palandöken Ski Federation Ski K2 league Turkey [more…]

25 Erzurum

Palandöken made a difference to Uludağ

Palandöken made a difference to Uludağ: Although the warming of the weather and the temperature values ​​increased, the snow thickness in Palandöken is at the threshold of 163 centimeter. One and a half meters with the highest profit Konakli found that the thickness of the snow that winter tourism centers in Turkey [more…]

42 Konya

Ministry review of Aladağ Ski Center

Ministry inspection at Aladağ Ski Center: Aladağ Ski Center, which is planned to be a Winter Sports Center in Derbent district of Konya, was inspected by experts from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. In Aladağ Ski Center, which is planned to be a Winter Sports Center in Derbent district of Konya [more…]

212 Morocco

Tramway Auction in Casablanca

Casablanca Tram Tender: The tender for the 2nd line of the Casablanca City Tramway, which is the largest city and business center of Morocco, was reflected in the newspapers where it was planned to start construction in May. Over 5 billion dirhams for the project in question [more…]


Solution to the traffic problem in Gebze

The solution of the traffic problem in Gebze is subway: AKP Provincial Chairman Şemsettin Ceyhan said about the solution of the traffic problem in Gebze, "The traffic problem will not decrease to a reasonable level without using public transportation and metro". AKP Provincial Chair Şemsettin Ceyhan, AKP Gebze [more…]

35 Izmir

New arrangement in ESHOT to 90 minutes

New arrangement for 90 minutes at ESHOT: ESHOT removed the 1.5-minute application that allows two or more boarding passes to be made free of charge within 90 hours in all villages of Urla's Bademler, Zeytinalani Districts and Torbalı, especially in Ayrancılar. Promise [more…]


RayHaber 18.02.2016 Tender Bulletin

Mixed gas will be purchased (TÜDEMSAŞ) Drilling and energy supply for escalators and elevators to be installed at Izmit train station N72 Dining wagon modernization (TÜVASAŞ) Emergency pollution of the marine environment with oil and other harmful substances [more…]

34 Istanbul

Good news of 3 metro and 2 tram to Eyüp Sultan

Good news of 3 metro and 2 tram to Eyüp Sultan: Mayor of Eyüp Remzi Aydın explained the innovations that will take place in the district. Aydın gave Eyüp good news of 2019 metro and tramways planned to be completed in 3. Your first term. You have been in the chair for two years. Well [more…]

35 Izmir

One more stage in Konak tram works completed

Another phase of the Konak tram works has been completed: While the line productions continue within the scope of the Konak Tramway construction works in Izmir, the first phase of the arrangements for the car parks on the Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard has been completed. The section called "P" parking lot opposite Göztepe Pier, [more…]