12 Bingol

Bingölde Train Wreck 1 Dead

Bingölde Train Accident 1 Dead: The passenger who was hit by the passenger train in Solhan district of Bingöl died in the hospital where he was treated. According to the information received, Abdulselam Kömürcü was hit by the passenger train number 53015, which made the Tatvan-Elazığ flight, on the railroad of Kale Station. [more…]

35 Izmir

IZBAN's Torbalı line made its first voyage yesterday

IZBAN's Torbalı line made its first voyage yesterday: The first flights on the 30-kilometer Torbalı line of IZBAN started yesterday at 05.25 in the morning with the participation of Mayor Görmez, the 30-kilometer Torbalı line of our country's largest urban suburban system, IZBAN, yesterday. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Protest Action from CHP to Transportation Hike

Protest Action from CHP against Transportation Hike: Republican People's Party (CHP) Youth Branch of Avcılar District Presidency made a press statement at Avcılar Metrobus stop in order to protest the recent hikes in urban transportation in Istanbul. Participants, then free of charge [more…]


Response to Tram Project in Izmit

Reaction to the Tramway Project in Izmit: Those struggling to keep the trees on the tram project route in Izmit said that they do not want the tram that will destroy the green areas. While trees on the tram route were removed in Yahya Kaptan Mahallesi Mustafa Kemal Street, a group of residents [more…]

Intercity Railways

State Railways Turn the Route into GAP

State Railways Turn the Route to GAP: It has been reported that 2 million allowances have been allocated for the Railway, which is one of the main vessels of Şanlıurfa. After the grant allocated for the arrival of the railway up to Sarı Mağara Payamlı location where Şanlıurfa Organized Industrial Zone is located, [more…]

41 Switzerland

Swiss Railways Receive Fire and Rescue Trains

Swiss Railways Receive Fire and Rescue Trains: Swiss Railways signed a new agreement with the consortium established with the partnership of Windhoff Bahn-Anlagentechnik-Drager Safety. According to the signed agreement, 3 fire and rescue trains to be produced by these companies will be purchased. 38 million [more…]

47 Norway

Norwegian Railways to Procurement of Domestic Lines

Norwegian Railways to Tender for the Administration of Domestic Lines: The Norwegian Ministry of Communication and Transport announced on February 4 that the country has launched a new tender for the administration of parts of the railways. Tender for the administration of Norwegian National Railways, [more…]