38 Kayseri

Ankara attack cursed in Erciyes

The attack in Ankara was condemned in Erciyes: The attack in Ankara was also condemned in Erciyes. Those who lost their lives in the terrorist attack in Ankara were commemorated with a moment of silence and the National Anthem at Erciyes Ski Resort. The attack in Ankara was carried out in Erciyes [more…]

25 Erzurum

Büyükşehir's Winter Sports Schools Opened

Metropolitan Municipality's Winter Sports Schools have been opened: Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality's Winter Sports Schools have been opened. The opening program took place with the participation of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen. Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

7 Russia

Self-Propelled Metro in Moscow

Self-operating metro in Moscow: A metro that can operate automatically without the help of a driver was put into operation in Moscow, the capital of Russia, after the necessary settings were made. The historical Moscow metro [more…]

34 Istanbul

Kanal Istanbul puzzle in Arnavutköy

Canal Istanbul riddle in Arnavutköy: The announcement that the Canal Istanbul route may change affected land prices in Arnavutköy. Discussion of various projects, announcement that although Istanbul increases prices in Arnavutköy, the route of Canal Istanbul may change [more…]


New Generation Wagons from TÜDEMSAŞ

TÜDEMSAŞ is a company that analyzes the needs and expectations of its customers and aims to provide quality products and services within the framework of these expectations. The status of freight wagons operating in our country's railway network [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. bridge link roads auctions postponed again

The tenders for the bridge connection roads have been postponed again: The tenders for the connection roads of the 3rd bridge project, which was started to be built despite the discussions and reactions and caused great damage to the Northern Forests, were tendered for the fifth time. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Freight train derailed in Zonguldak

Freight train derailed in Zonguldak: A freight train belonging to the Turkish Hard Coal Corporation derailed in Zonguldak. Officers arriving at the scene started efforts to save the train from the rails in Zonguldak. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Sector listened to Mitsubishi Electric

The industry listened to Mitsubishi Electric: The industry listened to Mitsubishi Electric for heating, ventilation and air conditioning automation. Mitsubishi Electric, one of the global brands that first come to mind when it comes to "advanced technology", organized [more…]