16 Bursa

Cable car rides in Bursa

Teleferik Expeditions in Bursa Today Cancellation: Due to the lodos that has been effective for two days in Bursa, the cable cars were canceled. Due to lodos, which has been active in Bursa for two days, ropeway flights were canceled. Lodos, which is effective in Bursa, has a negative impact on life [more…]

86 China

China completes first train to Iran

China's first train to Iran is completed: The first train of the new railway line between China and Iran is expected to reach the last stop of Tehran for a few days by exceeding the 10 thousand kilometers of the new railway between China-Kazakhstan-Turkmenistan-Iran. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Kanal Istanbul Project is enacted

Kanal Istanbul Project is enacted: Ministry of Transport has presented the Channel Istanbul project as a draft law to the Prime Ministry. Deputy Prime Minister Lütfi Elvan made a statement on the subject and said that after the legal arrangement, concrete steps will be taken. President Tayyip Erdoğan's an crazy project Cumhurbaşkanı [more…]

06 Ankara

Samsun-Ankara High Speed ​​Line

Samsun-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Line Tender Process: Samsun-Ankara high-speed train from the project stage of the tender process was passed. MHP Samsun deputy Erhan Usta, the Minister Yıldırım-Samsun-Ankara between the speed of the train asked the situation, said it had to be accelerated as soon as possible. [more…]