34 Istanbul

Turkey Marmaray the vehicle

Marmaray vehicle Turkey: Turkey's Marmaray given service is one of the major investment reaching over 90 million passenger capacity of two years carried more passengers than the population of Turkey. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Feci Metrobüs Accident in Istanbul

Feci Metrobus Accident in Istanbul: The CİP, which was out of control in Istanbul İncirli, collided head-to-head with the metrobus in motion. At least 5 people were injured in the catastrophic accident. Istanbul D-100 highway [more…]

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Karşıyaka cancellation

Karşıyaka tram cancellation case:Karşıyakasome non-governmental organizations sued for the cancellation of the tram project. KarşıyakaNGOs in Istanbul canceled the tram project [more…]