Trapped between two trams

Stuck between two trams: A truck driver entering Ismet İnönü Street in Eskişehir when he saw the opposite trams coming to the station and stopped between the two trams. Evening [more…]

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Fourth Lane Konak Tramway

Fourth Lane Konak Tram: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, with a new revision in the Konak Tram project, the line on Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard is the fourth round road to the existing road and three-lane road. [more…]

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TCDD 159. Celebrates Its Year

TCDD 159. 23 September 1856 is the 159 of Turkish railways that started with the construction of the Izmir-Aydin line. We are proud and happy to celebrate the year. TCDD, one of the most established institutions in our country, [more…]


Taxi drivers are hopeful from YHT this holiday

Taxi Drivers Hopeful From YHT This Holiday: With just a few days before Eid al-Adha, Eskişehir's veteran taxi drivers are waiting for their jobs to be opened. Intercity transportation services, which increase during the festive periods, are a source of bread for many people. Especially in Eskişehir [more…]

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ISAF Fair Closes its Perfect End Day

ISAF Fair Closes with its Perfect Last Day: 19, which takes steps towards becoming a big brand with its impact and weight in the region it is organized as well as a giant meeting platform for the security sector. International [more…]

How will the metro and ego bus services be used in daily restrictions in Ankara?
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Marmaray Expeditions Become Frequent

Marmaray flights are getting more frequent: Good news came from TCDD officials to Istanbulites. According to the statement, the flight interval will be reduced to 2 minutes in the morning and evening hours when Marmaray is busy. Since opening in 2013 [more…]

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Giant projects fly land prices in the region

Giant projects have increased the land prices in the region: While the work on the Third Bridge and Third Airport projects continues, the prices of the land in the region continue to rise. In villages such as Nakkaş, Boyalık and Tayakad scattered among the northern forests of Istanbul, [more…]

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Siemens Turkey on board Eagle

Siemens Turkey board of directors is in Kartal: Siemens Turkey Board Chairman Hüseyin Gelis, Kartal Mayor Op. Dr. He paid a courtesy visit to Altınok Öz. During the visit, Simens Turkey about the projects implemented in Kartal [more…]