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İzmir Teleferik Tesisleri Closed Due To Storm Warning

İzmir Cable Car Facilities Closed Tomorrow Due to Storm Warning: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality reported that the cable car facilities in Balçova district will be closed on the day of Arafe due to heavy rain and storm warning. In the statement made by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the ropeway facilities operated by İZULAŞ A.Ş will be closed on Wednesday (Arefe) due to the thunderstorm and strong storm warning reported by the General Directorate of Meteorology. [more…]

35 Izmir

Izmir Teleferik Tesisleri closed due to storm warning tomorrow

İzmir Cable Car Facilities are closed tomorrow due to storm warning: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality announced that the cable car facilities in Balçova district will be closed on the day of Arafe due to heavy rain and storm warning. In the statement made by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, the ropeway facilities operated by İZULAŞ A.Ş will be closed on Wednesday (Arefe) due to the thunderstorm and strong storm warning reported by the General Directorate of Meteorology. [more…]


Trapped between two trams

Stuck between two trams: A truck driver, who entered İsmet İnönü Street in Eskişehir to carry cargo, entered the stop when he saw that the mutual trams were coming, and he delayed the voyages for 10 minutes when he was stuck between the two trams. The truck driver, who entered the İsmet İnönü tram stop in the evening for the purpose of carrying cargo, stood on the rails for a while despite the ongoing tram. navigating in the direction of Otogar-SSK [more…]

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YOLDER 3rd Ordinary General Assembly convened in İzmir

YOLDER 3rd Ordinary General Assembly convened in İzmir: The 3rd Ordinary General Assembly of the Railway Construction and Operation Personnel Solidarity and Aid Association (YOLDER) convened in İzmir. The 3rd Ordinary General Assembly of the Railway Construction and Operation Personnel Solidarity and Assistance Association (YOLDER) convened in İzmir. YOLDER President Özden Polat stated that the events in the east of the country also affected the railwaymen, and that security concerns were at the forefront [more…]

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Sarıkamış Tourism Association has held Consultation Meeting on Winter Season

Sarıkamış Tourism Association Holds a Consultation Meeting on the Winter Season: Sarıkamış Tourism Association (SATURDER), which continues its activities in Sarıkamış, held a consultation meeting on the arrival of Bayraktepe Ski Center to the Winter season. Mir Hasan TAŞ, the chairman of SATURDER, whom we received information about the subject, said, “The Ministry officials have been working in a one-week period in order for the Landing Station, Cafeteria and Control cabin, which were damaged due to the fire, to reach the winter season. [more…]

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Sunrise on the mountain

Sunrise on the Mountain of Gods: On the summit of Tahtalı Mountain, which is 2 thousand 365 meters above sea level, 2014 thousand visitors were hosted in 230. Haydar Gümrükçü, General Manager of Olympos Cable Car, which owns the 3rd longest cable car operation in Europe, said that the number of guests visiting the summit of Tahtalı Mountain, known as the 'Mountain of Gods', is increasing every year. “Our sunrise services continue until October 18th. [more…]

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Fourth Lane Konak Tramway

Fourth Lane Konak Tramway: With a new revision in Konak Tramway project, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will lay the line on Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard as the fourth lane to the existing three-lane road to the land and sea sides. Construction works will begin after the revision to be announced to the public after the holiday. Mansion and Karşıyaka tram projects left their mark on the city agenda with revisions before and after the tender. to the construction [more…]

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Surprising the train with wind energy

The train running with wind energy surprises: Environmentalist technologies developed to prevent sudden climate changes as a result of global warming have begun to push the limits of innovation. While the Netherlands is building wind-powered trains, solar panels have been installed on roads for electricity in South Korea and the UK. Green technologies developed to get rid of greenhouse gases that threaten the world have begun to reduce the dangers of global warming. Especially advanced [more…]

Intercity Railways

A passenger hit by a passenger train in Sivas

A person who was hit by a passenger train in Sivas lost his life: The accident occurred on the train track opposite Cumhuriyet University Lodgings at around 19.45. The 51123 September Blue Train, numbered 4, under the direction of Ahmet Kunduz and Rahman Meriç, making the Malatya-Ankara expedition, crashed into Azmi Yıldırım (57), who was crossing the rails. The mechanics, who could not notice Yıldırım due to the darkness, took the train about 10 meters after [more…]

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TCDD 159. Celebrates Its Year

TCDD celebrates its 159th anniversary: ​​We are proud and happy to celebrate the 23th anniversary of Turkish railways, which started with the construction of the Izmir-Aydin line on September 1856, 159. Happy New Years… TCDD, one of the most rooted institutions of our country, is an institution that has taken great duties and responsibilities in every period of our country's history in war and peace. Since 2003, with priority railway policies, our country's most dynamic [more…]


Terrorists killed the railway worker killed

The terrorists who martyred the railway worker were killed: It was announced that 13 of the PKK terrorists, who burned the Bayraktepe Ski Center on September 1, in the Sarıkamış District of KARS, and killed a worker with a bomb attack on the railway, were killed. In a written statement made by the Kars Governor's Office, 2 PKK terrorists were killed in the operation called 'Gökçe-7' organized by the Provincial Gendarmerie Command on the Kağızman-Karakurt highway, and cooperation with terrorists was noted. [more…]


Taxi drivers are hopeful from YHT this holiday

Taxi Drivers Hopeful From YHT This Holiday: With just a few days before Eid al-Adha, Eskişehir's veteran taxi drivers are waiting for their jobs to be opened. Intercity transportation services, which increase during the festive periods, are a source of bread for many people. In Eskişehir, especially in the absence of students, which significantly affects the economic structure of the city, taxi drivers who drive from street to street every day hope that their jobs will be opened in the upcoming Kurban Bayram. Drivers, High [more…]

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ISAF Fair Closes its Perfect End Day

ISAF Exhibition Closed With Its Perfect Last Day: The 19th International ISAF Exhibition, which takes steps towards becoming a big brand with its influence and weight in the region where it is held, as well as being a giant meeting platform for the security sector; Istanbul Expo Center (IFM) 17-20-9 on 10-11 September. took place in the halls. International ISAF Fair, where all kinds of products and technologies related to security take place, [more…]

How will the metro and ego bus services be used in daily restrictions in Ankara?
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Marmaray Expeditions Become Frequent

Marmaray flights are getting more frequent: Good news came from TCDD officials to Istanbulites. According to the statement, the flight interval will be reduced to 2 minutes in the morning and evening hours when Marmaray is busy. Marmaray, which has provided great convenience to Istanbulites since its opening in 2013, has carried more than 90 million passengers. With the Eurasia Tunnel put into service, it is aimed to relieve Istanbul traffic to a great extent with the transportation to be provided under the sea. [more…]

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Giant projects fly land prices in the region

Giant projects have increased the land prices in the region: While the work on the Third Bridge and Third Airport projects continues, the prices of the land in the region continue to rise. In villages such as Nakkaş, Boyalık and Tayakad, which are scattered among the northern forests of Istanbul, it was possible to find fields at prices starting from 8 liras per square meter until 10-5 years ago. However, with the rumors that big public projects will be made, the lens of land brokers [more…]

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Siemens Turkey on board Eagle

Siemens Turkey board of directors is in Kartal: Siemens Turkey Board Chairman Hüseyin Gelis, Kartal Mayor Op. Dr. He paid a courtesy visit to Altınok Öz. During the visit, President Altınok Öz gave information to Hüseyin Gelis, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Simens Turkey, about the projects implemented in Kartal, and then went to the project room with Gelis and the accompanying delegation. Here, Walnut Square, Uğur Mumcu [more…]


Today in History: 22 September 2006 TCDD's 150. anniversary of the establishment celebrated.

Today in History September 22, 1857 The construction of the Izmir-Aydin line started with a ceremony. When the concession was granted, it was stipulated to start construction within one year. Construction started one day before the deadline. September 22, 1939 Erzincan-Aşkale (159 km) line was opened. The line was built by Simeryol Construction Company. With the law dated September 22, 1941 and numbered 4127, the state bought the Ilıca-Palamutluk line (100.000 km) for 28 TL. [more…]