The first ferry to operate in Lake Van is ready for duty

The first ferry to operate in Lake Van is ready for duty: The first ferry with a capacity of 50 wagons completed to operate in Lake Van was made ready. The completion of the 4-rail railway line, which is under construction on the Van Iskele line, is expected to serve the ferries.

To be operated in Van Lake, the first of the two giant ferries with a capacity of carrying 50 wagons and 4 thousand tons of cargo were brought to Tatvan district of Bitlis in April. The second ferry will be launched into the water by the end of 2015, while the 7-based ferries have double propellers and a double-mast lodge. At the same time, 350 passenger carrying capacity on the ferries, restaurants and cafes, such as places where passengers can be comfortable. It is expected that the first ferry, which has been completed after being lowered, is waiting for the completion of the railway line in Van İskele line, and the project is planned to be completed in the shortest time.


In statements on the subject of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 5. Regional Directorate officials, for the new ferries on the Van Iskele line next to the railway railroads to install a new rail road 4 road were made. The latest system 2 ferries to the loading of the wagons to be installed on the 4 to explain the new road works, officials said, N In the past years with the current ferry we could bring a 5 wagon. The 5-6 had an hourly distance from Tatvan. The new arrivals are 50 wagon capacity. One of them was launched in April in Tatvan. It's over now. Tatvan is now ready to finish the roads. 4 is making new ways to do the installation. 4 will be an area where the train can move. The current railroad will stop the same way. We are now making our way through 20 with 4 meters. The time to end this is 3 months. Normally we could download 5 wagons. Now the 50 will have the capacity of the wagon and the 5-6 hourly distance will be reduced to 2.5-3 hours. Şimdi


TCDD 5. Regional Directorate officials, the second ferry to be downloaded into the water shortly after stating, eri Van was a great investment. With the end of the train, the second ferry will be landed in Lake Van. 50 wagons and 4 will be improved by trade over Van Lake with two ferries capable of handling one thousand tons. Apart from wagons, vehicles can also be transported. All this is a great investment for our people living in Van. We wish them good. Hayır

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