Ankara public transportation system aligned with free transportation cards

Ankara public transportation system has been harmonized with free transportation cards: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has adapted the public transportation system to these cards in order to ensure that the free transportation cards issued by the relatives of the veterans, the veterans, the relatives of the martyrs and the duty free.
Turkey 91 553 thousand with free movement across the board, veterans, relatives of veterans, invalids and martyrs of duty nearby, without a problem and at no charge in the capital, EGO with Metro and buses can benefit from Ankaray.
Information regarding that EGO General Manager Subject Necmettin Tahiroğlu veterans by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, veterans' relatives, families of martyrs and duty disability to in Turkey to be able to travel free or reduced 'free access' (DESFire) reminded photo cards. Tahiroğlu, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the city's public transportation of the electronic toll collection 'Electronic Fare Collection' system to make the first municipality reported.
Noting that the infrastructure works required to harmonize the cards issued by EGO buses, Metro and Ankaray's Ministry of Family, have been completed in a short time in coordination with Tahiroğlu, both the residents of Ankara and the card holders coming from outside the city he stressed that he could travel comfortably without the need to buy a card.
Municipal buses and electronic devices in rail systems to read the devices, the integration of free cards issued by the Ministry, providing great convenience to the General Manager Tahiroğlu, said:
"Turkey in diameter; 26 bin 868 veteran, 44 bin 28 veteran, 8 bin 740 martyr family, 2 bin 582 task xNUMX 9 335 91 deployment card distributor 553 thousand 15 dispatchers distributed in our system, 2015 March XNUMX date began to pass.
We are the first municipality to pass these cards distributed to the veterans, veterans and families of martyrs through the Electronic Fare Collection System by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, but we are proud to serve the families of veterans, veterans, martyrs and duty families and families. No more card holders living in Ankara or outside Ankara will be able to travel free of charge after passing their free cards. Göster

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