31 km modern transportation comfort to Samsun

31 km of modern transportation comfort to Samsun: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz said that with the completion of Tekkeköy light rail system, Samsun will experience a modern transportation comfort of 31 kilometers.
The light rail system in Samsun is currently operating on an area of ​​17 km from Gar Station to Ondokuz Mayıs University. The extension of the light rail system to the Tekkeköy district continues. With the construction of the 14 km Tekkeköy line, citizens will be able to travel the 31 km road without changing the vehicle.
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz stated that they are trying to overcome the biggest obstacle in front of Tekkekoy rail system by using viaducts and said, aya Samsun's transportation continues in the direction of being in the most developed cities of the world. Between the university and the junction of the 17 km between the east-west direction was installed with a light rail system. This has led to a modern reach and contributed to our city. This corridor has become a transport backbone. One of the most serious obstacles to extending this from the junction of the Gar junction to Tekkeköy was the difficulty of crossing the problems between the Sivas railway line at the Kılıçdede Junction and the crossing lines between the highways and the highways crossing the highway. We are crossing this level crossing through a viaduct. We have started the construction of the project 14 km between the Gar Junction and Tekkeköy, after connecting the project to the Tekkeköy from Samsunspor facilities by connecting the viaduct to the coast. This 2 was a work that has been going on for years. These days, the structure of the upper structure, laying of rails, electrical system, transformers, power lines and the process of the railway was planned until the tender. Bu
Stating that they want to finish the rail system until the 2017 Hearing Impaired Olympics, President Yılmaz said, UM The center of the Hearing Impaired Olympics at 2017 will be the 7 bin 500 sports hall in Tekkeköy. Therefore, this line that connects 7 bin 500 hall with the city center should be completed by June of 2017 and we want to make our tenders quickly and find the financing sources and connect Samsun with Tekkeköy in the coming 1.5 yearly process. Our efforts to understand this will increase our understanding of our growing construction. When the Samsun-Tekkeköy line is finished, we will have a Samsun-14 + 17 km-long rail system in the east-west direction from Tekkeköy to Ondokuz Mayıs University. After this place, we will live together with the citizens and the comfort of a modern transportation Bur.

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